08/06/2005 01:00 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Maher vs. Stewart

Unlike much of America I am dismayed by the success of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." Aside from finding the show's humor banal, I am genuinely concerned with its message based on a comment by a 17-year-old relative who told me that all politicians are alike and there was no difference between Bush and Kerry. He, like many young people, gets his news almost exclusively from Jon Stewart. And, though I suspect that Stewart himself is a Democrat, he did such a great job of evenly skewering Kerry and Bush that a young person would not make any distinction between say, lying to take a country to war and having a dorky way of speaking. As a contrast, Bill Maher uses humor with intelligence, makes it hilarious, and lets you know exactly where he stands. With so much at stake, it is a shame that people of influence such as Jon Stewart (not to mention our politicians) don't use their national platforms to go on record with what is in their hearts, even if it costs their jobs (as it did Maher his show on ABC). If enough of them spoke out, maybe it would start a trend: standing for what one believes instead of whoring for more cash, ratings, and power.