05/11/2012 05:20 pm ET Updated Jul 11, 2012

My Open Letter to My Mother

My open letter to all the mothers in the world,

The day that a new beautiful life is instilled into you is the day that your journey of motherhood starts. The journey is destined to be filled with many joys, pains, blessings, lessons but most importantly a new child who is ready and eager to explore all that the world has to offer.

I'm not a mother yet but I know the day that I do become one, I will look to my mother and ask her every question about motherhood. Why? Because to me, she is the best doctor, nurse, lawyer, scientist, educator, cook, detective in this world. Yes, my mother wears many hats but the hat that she is most proud to wear is mother to four beautiful children.

As a single parent I know that it hasn't been easy raising four rugrats especially my two younger siblings. Most mothers will agree that being a mother isn't the easiest job, but it is one of the most rewarding. Well changing dirty diapers, taking care of runny noses and doctor's visits for chicken pox doesn't sound rewarding but it's not that bad. I know I'm going to regret this statement when I have to go through it.

I want to take the time out to personally show my appreciation and gratitude for all of the mothers around the world. You all inspire me in so many ways. I know everyone says that their mother is the best, but I got news for you, my mom is the best! I know that is something that she will hands down agree with.

She has gone out of her way to make sure that each one of her children has the basic necessities of survival and more. When times were tough my mother never let that get her down for long. She would always dust herself off and regroup and make things happen. We never had to worry about being hungry or not having a bed to sleep in. She always puts her children and family before herself without asking for nothing in return.

Each year as I get older the number of birthday gifts gets lower and lower however I always look forward to the gifts from my mom. Those are the ones that touch me the most. One of my favorite gifts from my mom was a sewing machine. I got it on my 16th birthday. During that time I wanted to become a fashion designer with the hopes of having my designs shown during New York fashion week.

That was also the time when I was beginning my college search. I told my high school teacher that I wanted to major in fashion design and she laughed at the idea of me choosing that career path because I had no clue how to sew. I told my mom about that incident and even though on the inside she was fired up she kept her cool and comforted me.

She told me to never give up on my dreams (even though she knew I wasn't a good seamstress) and to never give up no matter what anyone says. She purchased a sewing machine for me and that was the day that I knew that my mom would always have my back and stand with me. Long story short, I didn't become a fashion designer, however I am one of the most stylish people I know!

I can go on and on about how great my mom is but there is no need, she knows that I love and appreciate everything that she does for me and my siblings. At the end of the day she is a great mother and I love her.

Once again, thanks mom and all the mothers around the world. Thanks for all that you do for your children and family. We appreciate it all. I speak for all the people in the world when I say, Happy Mother's Day!!!

The famous quote that says, "it takes a village to raise a child," well, yes at times it may, but to me it takes a strong, dedicated and powerful woman to raise a child. I want to dedicate this article to my beautiful mother, Annette Okafor my aunts Janet Neal, Bernice Lucas, Joan Taylor, Mary Louise Johnson, Loretta Taylor, Lily Taylor and all of my cousins who are mothers and those who don't have children but still contributes to the life of my younger cousins.

I want to also dedicate this article to my late grandmother Henrietta Fox Taylor. I never had the chance to meet her because she passed six years before I was born. Even though I haven't physically had the chance to talk, hug or share jokes with her, I know that she was a wonderful person. My mothers and aunts always speak so highly of her. I want to say thanks, grandma Henrietta for raising a wonderful bunch of beautiful women whom I call my mother and aunts. You did a great job! I know that you are in heaven looking down on us with your proud mother smile. Each and every day I will continue to make you proud. You are one of the reasons that I'm here, and I thank you. Thank you for your strength, you passion and love for your family. I love you and I hope to finally one day meet you in heaven. I can't wait to tell you all of the crazy and funny stories that your children and family have done. You are going to love it!

Catherine D. Okafor