11/22/2009 11:08 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Book Review: Sarah Palin's Going Rogue

In deference to reading about Sarah Palin's book Going Rogue on The Daily Kos and watching clips from her appearance on Oprah, I wrote a review, as there is so little written and said about her already.

With her new book, Going Rogue, Sarah Palin demonstrates how
liberal media can be deceptive, like those literacy campaigns encouraging
students that "reading is fundamental." In Going Rogue, Palin steps out on a limb and declares herself pro-child, as long as she can decide whether or not you have it. She writes that she isn't comfortable with, "Leave No Child
Behind," although she didn't say if that's why she held her own baby shower at a shooting range. She also credited faith in her success, which even agnostics can agree on, as there is no other logical explanation for her failing upwards again and again.

As her publicity tour is underway, Sarah Palin fans waited 3
hours for her autograph, or two more hours than it took her to write it. Only in the Heartland, would folks wait for hours in freezing rain to
have Palin autograph books. According to her opponents, or what Palin refers to as African-Americans, Jews, Asians, Arabs, Europeans, especially the French, and anyone living on the East Coast, this wouldn't happen in
Brainland. Her diehard admirers- and by die hard I don't
mean the animals she shoots for fun, could neither support nor deny whether Going
Rouge was printed only on logged trees in areas of high deforestation. Many of Palin's devotees said they felt pissed to be dissed, as this was the first book many had ever purchased.

For those who didn't play hooky from work during an economic
depression to get a book signed, Palin can be seen, heard, and read 24/7 on 947,000 TV channels,
radio shows, and magazine interviews discussing how much she hates the media. After referring to Levi Johnston as a publicity whore on Oprah, Palin agreed to welcome Levi with or without his pants on for Thanksgiving. She will celebrate with the
rest of her klan, Track, Bristol Meyers, Trig, and Big Dig. In fact, Palin
wished every American a Happy Native American Day, and said she was thankful
she can't see any Native Americans from her house.