05/19/2014 09:36 am ET Updated Jul 19, 2014

'SNL' Yearbook: Goodbye Season 39!

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It seems as though, in high school, which I am (apparently?) leaving in less than two weeks now, a lot of stuff seems really important. I'm told that when you leave, a lot of that stuff mostly turns out to have been pretty unimportant. And, that the crazy and unwarranted emotions that happened because of those things tend to dissipate. So, I'm curious to know how my own priorities will change. For instance, I think I might have to not spend all the money I come into contact with on graphic T-shirts and lattes. I should maybe also consider remembering to brush my hair every day instead of most days. One thing I'm almost sure I'll have to recognize, though, is that the extent of my social interactions probably shouldn't primarily revolve around who is hosting any given week's Saturday Night Live.

SNL is a lifestyle a TV show that I have been irrationally prioritizing in my life since I was in grade 6. This year on SNL was, fittingly, somewhat of a "transition" year. It was the first season without veteran cast members Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Jason Sudeikis, and it was also, the show's eight-year Head Writer and my imaginary big brother, Seth Meyers' departure season. Plus, the addition of a whopping eight new cast members was SNL's biggest hire in 18 seasons. This included mid-season introductions of Sasheer Zamata: the show's first black female cast member since Maya Rudolph left in 2007 and Colin Jost: the show's second best Weekend Update anchor in terms of good hair since Tina Fey left in 2006.

Frankly, just like my last school year, it was unsurprisingly an often weird, unpredictable and even controversial season. Both, however, happily married many inevitable disappointments with fresh laughs. Saturday night's season finale hosted by Andy Samberg seemed like the perfect way to signify their resolutions. There were visits from Maya, Seth, Bill, Fred, Kristen Wiig and Paul Rudd, who all seemed to reminisce about old times with old characters and sketches (even bringing back The Vogelchecks). Next year, the show will be celebrating its 40th anniversary (which will involve a "Special" I have been excited about since I was eleven) and, I will be celebrating my first year of legally not being a child! In recognition of these, here are 16 sketch superlatives from Season 39: the year SNL was really important to me and I graduated high school!

1. Best Parody:
Girls Promo, Tina Fey Episode

(Runner-Up: Wes Anderson Horror Trailer, Edward Norton Episode)

2. Best Timing:
We Did Stop, Miley Cyrus Episode

3. Best Lip-Synch:
Your Love, Josh Hutcherson Episode

4. Character Whose Ted Talk I Would Watch:
Heshy the Motivational Speaker, Charlize Theron Episode

5. Character Who Would Hate This Post:
Jebidiah Atkinson on Weekend Update, Andrew Garfield Episode

6. Most Terrifyingly Hilarious Character:
P.J. in Women's Group, Melissa McCarthy Episode

7. Most Likely To Make You Laugh By Confusing You:
Dancing, Josh Hutcherson Episode

8. Most Accurate, Probably:
12 Years Auditions, Jim Parsons Episode

9. Most Likely To Still Be Relevant In Season 89:
Tourists, Charlize Theron Episode

(Runner-Up: Subway Dancers, Josh Hutcherson Episode)

10. Most Worryingly Catchy:
Twin Bed, Jimmy Fallon Episode

(Runner-Up: Dongs All Over The World, Anna Kendrick Episode)

11. Most Likely Based On Reality:
Mother's Day Game Show, Charlize Theron Episode

(Runner-Up: Girlfriends' Talk Show, recurring)

12. Most Likely To Become Reality:
The Beygency, Andrew Garfield Episode

13. Most Relatable/Best Plot Twist:
Ooh Child, Lena Dunham Episode

14. Best Response To Media Controversy:
Michelle Obama at the White House, Kerry Washington Episode

15. Most Likely To Be Studied For Years To Come:
Cop Show, Louis C.K. Episode

16. Most Perfect Farewell:
Weekend Update, Melissa McCarthy Episode

Though my affinity for the show may change, this was a great year.
To SNL and adulthood, see you in the Fall!

-- Celeste, Editor of SNL Yearbook: an imaginary annual yearbook that I made up.

P.S. Here are some (Very) Honorable Mentions:
New Cast Member or Arcade Fire, Tina Fey Episode
Boy Dance Party, Bruce Willis Episode
One Direction Concert Line, Paul Rudd Episode
I Don't Wanna Know, Paul Rudd Episode
28 Reasons, Melissa McCarthy Episode
Family Feud, Jimmy Fallon Episode
Bird Bible, Jim Parsons Episode
Doctor Appointment, Louis C.K. Episode
Black Jeopardy, Louis C.K. Episode
Davincii, Andy Samberg Episode