Another Silly Mistake by Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is fond of saying the media get their facts wrong. She often accuses the media of being biased against her. "Why didn't they just check with me first?" is a familiar refrain.

Well, now we have the answer - because if they check with you, you're going to give them answers that don't match the facts. The video below is a small example, but it is indicative of how little preparation she goes through and how little regard she has for checking the facts. As you can see in the video, she throws around a "fact" in her last interview that isn't even close to true:

I'm a little amazed by this. Why would you state something like this as proof that the media has all their information wrong without making absolutely sure you were right about it? She undermines her own point better than anyone in the media ever could. Game, set and match. Sarah Palin defeats Sarah Palin.

The topic in this case isn't important but what it says about Palin's regard for facts and preparation is. Anyone with any sense would check before the interview if the Harry Potter books really came out after she was no longer mayor of Wasilla. What's funny and sad is how she thinks she outsmarted the media with this clever example. Mainly sad.

She loses all credibility to challenge the media on their reporting when she makes such obvious and needless mistakes. Again and again.