11/17/2006 12:02 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

US Official Says Pre-emption is Inevitable Against Iran and North Korea

A senior US official said this week that pre-emptive strikes were inevitable against our enemies, Iran and North Korea. You think we got rid of these neo-clowns? They're not gone. They're still in the government trying to provoke more wars. We can't get rid of these idiots. The press naively keeps reporting they have gone away and they keep popping back up.

Who in their right mind can still be arguing for pre-emptive strikes in another Muslim country? Apparently a "senior U.S. government official." Get a load of these two quotes:

"We, the United States, and others who might be threatened by these developments will have to look at how to respond and inevitably I think people will have to look at the question of pre-emption."

"I think it's inevitable that any American administration, not just this administration but future administrations, will have to look at pre-emptive strategies."

He says pre-emption is "inevitable" -- not once, but twice. He says this after what happened in Iraq. This is a senior member of the United States government! God help us all.

The neo-conservatives are the dumbest people in America. I can find ten people off the street that would have a more logical foreign policy plan for the United States. They are so thoroughly discredited that any legitimate news organization should be embarrassed to have them on their air or print the ridiculous ideas they're still trying to shove down our throats.

Another neo-clown, Rupert Murdoch, doesn't believe Iraq is that big a deal, so I guess that's why he still features these guys on his Fox network, along with OJ Simpson. Murdoch said the US casualties in Iraq were "minute." All those dead Americans didn't concern him much. Let alone the Iraqis, who he thinks are not really worth mentioning.

If thousands of US and Iraqi deaths don't weigh on Murdoch's mind, then why would we be surprised to find out he doesn't care at all about OJ's victims? They must be beyond minute.

Normally, it's one thing to disagree on a topic; it's another to say your opponent lacks intelligence or the ability for cognitive thought. So, I don't do it lightly when it comes to these neo-conservatives. I do it because it is well earned.

Who thought that Muslims in Iraq would throw roses at our feet?

Who thought that centuries of ill will between the Shiites and the Sunnis would magically melt away under the benevolent occupation of the United States?

Who thought that bringing in a majority Shiite government to Iraq wouldn't lead to empowering Shiite Iran?

Who thought it was a great idea to attack a country that didn't attack us?

Who thought it was a great idea to make up intelligence to pretend Iraq was a real and gathering threat to the United States?

Who thought that in a power vacuum in the Middle East that Muslim fundamentalist wouldn't fill the void?

Who thought dismissing all the Arab experts in the government as "Arabist apologists" was a good idea before going to occupy an Arab country?

Who thought that we could dictate the government of Iraq to a Muslim population that already deeply mistrusted us and we wouldn't encounter any type of resistance?

Who would be so profoundly arrogant and misguided? The pseudo-intellectuals who wrote the Project for a New American Century. The blowhards who burrow themselves in to an intellectually bankrupt bunker called the American Enterprise Institute. The neo-clowns who today advocate that we implement the same disastrous plan that sunk us in Iraq in another Muslim country in the Middle East -- Iran.

The proof is on the ground, the bloody, horrific ground of Fallujah, Ramadi, the Sunni Triangle, the Triangle of Death - yes, there is such a place in Iraq - and Baghdad, let alone Mosul, Kirkuk and just about every other major city in the country. Decapitated bodies show up with drill holes in them nearly every day in the streets of Iraq. Next time you read about one of them, think of the smug neo-clowns who walked into the Oval Office and convinced the President that the Iraq War would be easy.

Bill Kristol, Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle, Charles Krauthammer, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and the others -- including everyone in the Vice President's office -- should be run out of town. They should be openly derided and mocked as the grotesque failures they are.

Yet I see them daily on Fox News Channel telling us how easy attacking Iran will be. How it will not require ground troops. How the population of Iran is looking forward to having us attack their leaders and their country. How Iran is a real and gathering threat. I've seen this movie before. And it sucked.

The grandiose, theoretical ideas of the neo-clowns have gotten over 2,800 Americans killed, over 20,000 Americans injured and anywhere between 150,000-650,000 Iraqi citizens killed. There is value in mocking them for their colossal failure. Hopefully, it will stop any reasonable person from listening to them when they have the next idea that is going to get hundreds of thousands of people killed.

There should be a price to pay for an error of this magnitude. The least we can ask is that no one takes them seriously anymore. They have exhibited overwhelming proof of their incompetence. If we listen to them again, you have to question our competence.

The 9/11 Commission report said that Douglas Feith authored a memo which suggested we should attack Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil after 9/11. The reason - they'll never see it coming!

I'm not kidding, though I wish I was. There is a reason why General Tommy Franks called him "the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth." And that's the guy the neoconservatives trusted to lead the Office of Special Plans at the Pentagon to cook up evidence against Iraq. You wonder why we had faulty intelligence. Because we listened to a bunch of guys who had none.

The Young Turks