08/13/2012 02:05 pm ET Updated Oct 13, 2012

Summer Olympics: Seen and Heard With Our Students at the Games

For two weeks, here in London, our Lynn University sports management students lived the Olympic dream.

They toured Olympic Stadium, Wembley and nearly every Summer Games venue in the Greater London area. They met with Olympians and learned about the relationships between athletes and their national governing bodies. They studied the vast security systems in place needed to keep the Games safe, as well as the massive volunteer program that kept the Olympics running smoothly.

Indeed, throughout this Olympic fortnight in London, our students learned more about the business of the Olympics, first-hand, than we could ever teach them solely in the classroom.

Along the way, our students picked up quite a flavor of the Summer Games, along with its seemingly countless international visitors and its majestic Olympic host city.

So, as we pack up and head home, here are -- courtesy of our Lynn University sports management students -- the sights and sounds of London 2012 and the Summer Olympic Games:

Mind the gap

Look right

Polska!!... clap, clap, clap (face paint optional)

So, wait, how much is that in U.S. dollars?

Jessica Ennis

Usain Bolt

Michael Phelps

Are you in queue?

So what did you think of the Opening Ceremonies?

Is there free wifi here?


Walk left, stand right

Olympic rings on London Bridge

Running out of food at rowing in Eton Dorney

Long lines for tap water at Wembley Stadium

Do you have Olympic pins?

That will be 20 quid, love

Visa Card only

Wenlock and Mandeville (odd mascots, but kinda cute)


Cheers, mate

Bobbies posing for photos with tourists

Army cadets searching bags at venues

National soldiers patrolling with rifles

Schwepps Lemonade

Mushy peas



The Mexican Wave

Star-gazing in Olympic Park


Um, how do you intentionally lose at badminton??

Olympic Merchandise Megastores

Volunteers sitting with megaphones

Double-decker buses

Games Makers

Games Pastors

BBC glorifying Andy Murray

BBC ignoring Serena Williams

Dream Team Part II

Fingernails painted in a nation's colors

Super Saturday

Double sculls

Where's the loo?

This train will be calling on all stops to Victoria

Free Standard! Get your free Evening Standard!

The walk to the venue is just a wee bit farther, folks

Baked beans for breakfast

Fish and chips

Selling any tickets?

Bloody marvelous


Well done

See you back in the States!

Students in Lynn University sports management's "Olympic Games Experience" class, in London for the Summer Games, contributed to this story. Follow Prof. Ted Curtis and Dr. Chad Barr on Twitter at @LynnUSportsMgmt and on Facebook at LynnSportsManagement.