06/27/2014 12:25 pm ET Updated Aug 26, 2014

Build Companies, Not Churches

Build venture capital, not another church.

Build companies not megachurches.

Start an angel fund and stop tithing.

VC is the new JC.

Today I drove past a large sign announcing a new megachurch that is to be built on a large piece of valuable property. It would be better served as a park versus another church. Not to mention that across the street there is a different church. And just down the street there is a large church and church school. A mile down that same road is a Catholic church and school. A little ridiculous, don't you think?

First off, who goes to church that frequently anyways? Why build another megachurch, when all you need is a gathering place for whoever comes on by. Not to mention the tax breaks they get. These entities (which are rarely legitimately verified) compete against each other -- no doubt -- and rake in money from donations, while skipping away tax-free. The church is almost an economic drain on society.

I cannot help but comment on how odd it seems that this is happening in today's age. The age of the Internet -- the age in which Christianity has seen multiple death blows, suffered an ever-growing fractured spectrum of biblical fanatics compared to weaning-in-faith cultural Christians, and now it has to deal with the growing irreligious crowd. The uphill battle continues, as all one has to do is look back at the churches path of destruction and the current Islamic wars to become disenchanted and even more irreligious.

If the modern church survives, you can make a serious argument that it has never achieved what venture capital has achieved and will achieve. Without a doubt, there is a different type of angel we need to concentrate on: Angel & VC funding.

While the Vatican sits on billions and billions, achieved through erroneous ways, why not deploy those billions to secular companies and startups?

Why not provide drinking water and help those impoverished, rise out of poverty, no strings attached? It is much more important to bring someone out of poverty than it is to introduce them to Jesus so they stay poor and wait for his second coming.

In all truth and logic, venture capital is the tool and savior that will create and fund and develop whatever it is that creates biological immortality.

Imagine if we were to have taken a prominent settler in the pioneer days and made him a VC and had him fund would-be entrepreneurs. Say this was in Utah, and all the money that went to the luxurious tabernacles was put into his VC fund.

I imagine that we would be flying from various planets and speaking to each other through telepathy, with an average life span of 250 years, not fighting wars and building new churches when we don't even need most of the ones around.