01/30/2014 12:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

President Obama's State of the Union: One Autistic's Perspective

Tuesday night our family watched President Obama's State of the Union speech. Here is what our 25-year-old autistic son, Jeremy, had to say about the president's message:

I truly dreamt I saw the president of the United States and I told him my thoughts about his State of the Union speech last night. Justly I told him I am happy about the idea of equal pay for women. I liked that more soldiers are home from the war. I liked that minimum wage is going up. I truly think health care for all is important.

Greatly I told President Obama that he must think about those of us with autism and our families. Greatly I nicely told him we can be productive if given the opportunity. Kindly I am not asking for a handout. But I nicely believe that mentors are necessary for believing in your ability to be useful to others. Happy to hear my opinion, President Obama asked if my Mom would be his mentor about autism in the family. Justly I yearned to ask President Obama to find a mentor to show me how to make money from my art. Truly I felt he could. Nicely I did not want to add another task to his overwhelming list of things to do. Kindly when my Mom meets him, maybe she can ask while she is helping him kindly learn about great ideas to help families with autism.

Lenny Wilkens, NBA basketball player and coach, said, "We should never discourage young people from dreaming dreams." Readers of my books on autism (including the recently updated Autism Spectrum Disorder) are familiar with Jeremy's story and how hard he has worked to fulfill his dreams and hopes of becoming an advocate, a writer and now a painter. Now, he hopes to earn money to be less dependent on the government (read: taxpayers). HuffPost readers may remember the blog post about Jeremy's synesthesia and the color portraits he paints of others in his dreams. One of them is a beautiful portrait of President Obama.

While I'm not sitting by the phone waiting for a call from the White House, I'll never discourage Jeremy from dreaming. Who knows, maybe Jeremy will get his chance to meet the president and have a chat with him. Or, at the very least be able to give him his painting.


Our President Obama (dream and painting by Jeremy Sicile-Kira)
I had a great dream that I painted the aura of President Obama. I greatly felt his worries for the country. President Obama was green with the calm of intelligent reflection. The green was like the forest green greatly full of strokes of ivory symbolizing hope for the future and love for all people. He had red undertones for the anxiety he feels for his beloved country. Our great Obama will have tough times but he will greatly, justly, kindly lead the way to a better future, symbolized by the color purple. The texture represents the rocky road Obama will have to navigate.