12/13/2011 04:19 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2012

How the Republicans Steal Christmas

It happens each year, or so it would seem;
The country is split with views so extreme.
And programs the people so desperately need,
lay in the balance because of such greed.
Extend unemployment the Democrats say,
we'll tax the wealthy, they can afford to pay!
Not so fast, Republicans sigh,
we can't burden the rich because the poor cry.
We'd rather their checks not be in their box
and then blame each of you every day as we speak on Fox.
Because we won't raise the tax on the top of the tier,
Not even back to what it was in previous years.
The top one percent are happy this day,
so to pay for your bill, you must find another way.
So remove that tax, and we'll extend for the poor,
but if you must raise the tax, well, hey, there's the door.

But that's not to say that taxes can't raise,
and even though it seems the darkest of days.
Raise taxes we can on the poor working class
Their payroll tax holiday has now come to pass.
We'll let it die, we'll never extend
Unless you Dems give in yet again.
A pipeline we want, Keystone is the way.
Give us our pipeline and keep your holiday.
Otherwise taxes can rise on all the 99.
The top one percent just haven't the time.

So each Christmas time a battle ensues,
Over unemployment, Medicare, tax cuts for you.
Hostages taken at this holiday season
Bring burdens so heavy on all for no reason.
Because Republicans serve the ultimate Grinch.
Big-monied lobbies of people so rich.
The top one percent that trim all their trees
With all that they've taken from you, and from me.
Their gifts have been many, their rewards the best.
But they seem to have no need to give back to the rest.

So this holiday season yet again this year
Millions wait for funds to appear.
Funds to keep living although in small ways
Just enough to survive yet one more day.
The funds won't appear unless demands are met.
Because a true congress of the people we've haven't had yet.
Special interests abound, and you are not one.
You're a number on paper, a program that's done.

So it's Christmas again and battle lines drawn.
A never ending drama that goes on and on.
And at the end, it's all for what? Where does it end?
There's no peace on Earth, no goodwill towards men.
A nation divided and the world follows too.
Seeing how far they can go, how much damage to do.

But something else this year, a bright light in the sky.
The people have gathered, have joined, occupied!
The bottom is uniting in their view of the top.
And all are agreeing the inequality must stop.

So keep fighting Repubs, serving your masters.
Ignoring the nation, the wreck, the disaster.
As we stand up and take note and rebuild every day.
You'll all be sent packing, get out, on your way.

And that Christmas wish burns brightest of all.
That the mighty one percent will in fact fall.
Their crimes exposed, their evils made just.
And America is returned to the rest of us.

So take heart on this holiday.
A new America is on its way.
One that takes care of all in need.
Where we know the only reason we can't is greed.
One that wouldn't frighten so many come each December;
where the spirit of Christmas would be all to remember.
That fairness and love thrown in with some caring
It was made the idea of America so daring.
That we, the people can care for each other
And that as American's we are in fact brothers.
So Merry Christmas to all is what we must say.
And fight the good fight yes one more day.

It doesn't take Dr. Seuss to know what is going on in Washington, D.C., any time of year is pretty despicable. But around Christmas, Republicans of late have gotten particularly Grinch-like in nature. A few years ago, they held an unemployment extension hostage, not giving in until their demands of no tax increases on the wealthy were met; they did the same thing over the federal budget, nearly shut it down, worried so many on disability, unemployment and other programs. And now here we are again, this time a payroll tax holiday and unemployment extension are up for grabs with a Keystone pipeline being the only concern of Republicans. Americans, in fear of going to their mail box and the meager pittance the U.S. sends them not being there, well, they could care less about that. The oil companies, which in the first quarter of this year made $36 billion in profits, need another pipeline.

Oil. In the Midwest the National Heat Oil Assistance program is being cut. It's a $4.7 billion program (less than two weeks at war and less than 1/6th oil company profits for the first quarter) that assists nine million Americans with heating oil help. The story was in the news, briefly, profiling a 92-year-old woman who worked until she was 80 as a waitress who now has to live in 60 degree or below during winter because she can't afford heating oil. And the U.S. is cutting her subsidy. While talking about a pipeline across the land. Different oil? Different companies? At this point, it's all the same. Greed versus need. We have the money for war, not people; profits, not people.

I opened my phone lines on my radio show this weekend about Christmas wishes. I had a 62-year-old woman say she'd like to stop living in her van. Another family who wanted to be together, split by shelters. Another that simply wants a job after 30 months of looking. A young mother that wants just $100 more to buy a few gifts for her kids. A gas bill paid. A means of transportation. No iPads or tablets, no iPhones or Androids... homes, jobs, food, clothing.

And as America hurts, Republicans again can look them in the face and say a pipeline means jobs. Yes, for a few. They don't tell you oil companies bring in foreign workers, but they do. Cheaper workers. But a pipeline isn't going to put any of my friends back to work. And the tax breaks on the rich haven't worked over the last three years.

Meanwhile they make Americans wait to see if their small unemployment check, state aid or other funds will be there at all. "What will I do if they don't..." is being heard everywhere instead of Merry Christmas.

Fewer than 300 people (the number of Republicans and Tea Party members in the House and Senate is about 289) have obstructed our government for three years and taken hostages over Christmas for each of those.

It's time to tell those Grinches to get out. All of them. Time to vote every obstructionist out of office when their term ends. Democrat. Republican, whatever, if you are in the way of real progress for real Americans, not the one percent or those multi-national corporations you now think of as people, but real Americans that simply want a wage that affords them a decent life, then you need to leave.

The Grinch's heart melted and grew. John Boehner's is beyond repair, if it exists at all. And we, the little people, the Who's down in Whoville are now seeing just how bad it all is.

We need hope and cheer this holiday season more than ever. Here's hoping the 99% continue to grow in power and influence, and Cheers! and good riddance to those that think you must be worth a few million to be worth anything at all.

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