01/11/2007 01:45 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Our Voices Yet Unheard

Before I begin, let's get something straight. The Congress is the voice of the People. The way our government is set up, Congress IS the people's voice. Not the Senate, Congress. And the People, WE, the PEOPLE, fund EVERYTHING that happens in the United States, it's all our money and they work for all of us. I hate to have to remind people of this, but it seems we've forgotten.

So, the people fund the things like wars. And the Congress is the voice of the people. And if the people don't want the current war, and thus, don't want to fund any six billion dollar increases, it falls upon the Congress to vocalize that. So Congress is going to listen to the voice of the people, be the people's advocate as set up by the framers, and if such an expansion of an unpopular and unwanted war is suggested stop it, right?

Guess again.

President Bush recently decided he's finally gotten the message and now knows how to win the war in Iraq. A few years late, but hey, better late than never. The problem is his vision is neither innovative, informed, accurate or even trustworthy. But it is his vision. And he's allowed that, he's the President, he can have a vision. But he's not a dictator. Presidential visions often fall under legislative scrutiny. The problem is, and has been, the paralysis of the legislature, legislators, people like those in the Congress, the People's voice.

It's easy to blame the President for it all, he's the captain of the ship. And yes, he could easily be equated to Captain Edward John Smith who slept while his boat hit an iceberg and then seems to have lost his ability to command when things got tough and his ship, the Titantic, sank in to the sea. Bush has made mistake after mistake and the Congress and Senate has let him. One man blindly on a wrong mission is one thing, but one man, and both Houses allowing it, now, that's another.

So, the people woke up and used their voice on November 7, 2006 and said "No! No more! We've had enough" and did it by putting a new party in charge of both Houses. And now, what has happened to their righteously angry voice? It's being muffled, of course.

The Democrats, who oppose Bush's plan for Iraq, their big move is to make people vote on a nonbinding resolution to show a lack of support for the plan. They won't stop it by cutting off funding. So, they didn't hear us, did they. We said NO! and they said, well, go ahead and do it, but we'll sit here and object.

Thanks. You've sat around and objected for years and let this happen. Now you're in power, and you'll still sit around and object and do nothing. Is that what we put you there for?

STOP THIS MAN. Take away the money for him to do anything and stop being afraid people will say you're not supporting the troops. That's poppycock and we all know it. Of course you support them, it's this madman you don't support. Do not fund the escalation. Period. Say no. And, start impeachment hearings immediately so we don't have to suffer any more from the delusional would-be dictator. Quit wining about how he didn't consult you on the plan, that he simply notified you. Quit holding press conferences to say how you disagree with him while doing nothing to stop him. We put you there to stop him, now do it. Where's your allegiance? To him, or to us? The Caesar or to the People?

Speaker Pelosi, do more than speak. Legislate. Call the House to order, the People's House and do the people's work. Stop this man. Every time he makes a move, cut him off. We don't want nonbinding resolutions, PEOPLE ARE DYING and he's sending 20,000 more to possibly be killed. Act like it's one of your kids going and do something.

And while we're at it, let's look at the War Powers Resolution of 1973. You can find it here.

After reading it, and everybody should, it is clear that the Iraq war has not only NOT been run in this fashion, but that Congress has severely been derelict in its duties. And while it may be time to amend this Resolution and give more power, not less, to Congress, the fact is, this is not Bush's war. It is ours, the people's war, and that means it is Congress' war, because they are the voice of the people. They cannot run from this, it is their war, too, the Constitution says so.

So, Congress, are you going to let this man take your war in another horrible direction? A direction that most everybody says is not going to work? Are you going to do more than some nonbinding resolution? Are you going to actually govern? Or are you going to cave and let us down again?

Our government is failing and it's time we stop blaming Bush for everything. Every lawmaker has let us down, with the exception of a few outspoken, frustrated ones like Murtha and others. And now we've come to expect it and that's a shame. Our voice has grown weary, and hoarse. And, what's worse, we've stopped using it so much because we feel no one is listening. Congress, our true voice, has grown remarkably silent in the recent years, saying little and doing even less. Yes, our voice is truly lost, and we tried to find it in November, only to have it become a whisper again.

Well, I say, it's time to yell. Yell at Congress, not the President. I fully believe he's insane. And I'm not kidding. I think there's a few screws loose there. The Lunatic is running the asylum, quite frankly. But I'll be damned if it will happen without raising my voice. Congress, listen, here's the deal. You're on a VERY short leash. You want to win again? You want to stay in power? Then listen and do what we say. We say no more war, period. It's over, we've lost, time to come home and time for the Iraqis to slug it out until there's resolution. No surges. Nothing. Time to come home.

We don't want to hear anything short of that, and we don't want our voice used to condone, approve, help or fund anything short of that. Is that message loud enough for you? No more war and impeach the madmen in power. We thought you got that memo. We'll send it again in a little under two years. And we'll keep sending it until you get it. No more war and no more madmen in power.

And remember, you are our voice, not our brains. We can still think for ourselves, and we think we've had enough. You're our mouthpieces, not our minds. We've made up our mind, now you do as you've been told by your employers. No more war, and impeach these madmen.