04/11/2007 02:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Stop Talking About Iran

The crawl on CNN: US Military: Iran training insurgents to assemble
weapons...Iran training extremists.

OK, so what? I mean that, so what? I would expect nothing less. Iran
is Shi'Ite and they are supporting their Shi'ite comrades. My
question is why do we keep hearing about it? Could it be that the
Bush administration is spinning the truth again in a build up to an
extended war? Mmmmmmm, could be.

Because here's the deal. The Saudis, not the Iranians, have been
training more of our enemies longer and we do nothing. Absolutely
nothing. Our president skips through the Rose Garden with their king,
our Vice President gets summoned over to Saudi Arabia and drops
everything but his pacemaker and goes, and Bush 41 gets quite a bit
of money as a consultant in the country.

Of course, this is the country that the people that hurt us on 9/11
were raised. This is where the madrassas that teach the extremist
wahabi form of Islam that says, hey, go kill Americans, Allah will
bless you are allowed to flourish. And let's not forget, the majority
of casualties in Iraq are from Sunni insurgents. And who are the
Sunni's comrades? Say it with me, the Saudis. So if any country is
truly contributing to the global war on terror, to casualties in
Iraq, training terrorists and more, it's not Iran, it's Saudi Arabia.
But no, our military is focusing on Iran because the man in the Oval
wants them to and that, again, is a misuse of power and a downright
un-American thing to do.

So don't buy it. Iran is not our enemy. Are they are friend? No,
their government is not. But their people, on the whole, particularly
their young people don't hate us. Unless we give them reason to, like
continue posturing for war, pointing missiles at them, finding
reasons to attack. The fact is Iraq is a regional war. Everybody in
that region is invested some way or another. Supplying arms, money,
support of some kind to some one. Yes, some are supporting us, but
others are not. And of course, that's the rule. In the region you
must support the United States and its efforts or you are bad and
should be destroyed. Sounds so imperialistic, so British, really,

And the disconnect is growing so huge every day. As news stations
focus on thing like Don Imus, which are fun, but not news, the
government is going about its business. The surge is not, will not,
cannot work. They are stretching our national guard thin with new
deployments. There's talk of extending, again, tours of duties for
the Army, they offering sizeable cash payouts to make people stay in...
in other words, they're taxing an already overtaxed system. And for
what? If you're waiting for an answer, forget it. I truly am asking,
for what?

We, the People have said NO! to the Iraq war. Let's also send a
preemptive strike to the White House in the form of a giant NO! when
it comes to Iran. The door out of Iraq is not through Iran. Don't
worry about them having a bomb in a year, worry about the countries
that have one now that hate us, and there's more than a few these
days. Don't worry about their leader wanting to wipe out the Jews in
theory, worry about the tens of thousand Iraqis we've already killed
and the tens of thousands dying in the Darfur. Prioritize in a hurry.

And focus! Iran is not our enemy. Again, Iran is not our enemy. Just
because they are not our friends doesn't mean they are a threat. The
midget running things is crazy but not stupid. He'll no more attack
us, sell a nuke to someone that would or bomb Israel than I'd sleep
with Pamela Lee. He knows, as do I, it's suicide. And while many want
to die in the name of Allah, he's too egotistical to be one of them.

There are many things on this planet that don't like us, but we don't
kill them all. There are many things on this planet that aid or would
aid in our destruction, and we don't wipe them all out (ants come to
mind). Let's focus on rebuilding America from the inside out and stop
finding new countries to invade. That is tired, all played out, we're
over it.