01/12/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Stop The Fake Outrage: Illinois Gov. Small Change Compared to Bush

Stop all the national fake outrage over the Governor of Illinois and his alleged transgressions. Truly, just move right through it and stop pretending to care. The fact is, a majority of you, us, We, The People, don't. How do I know? Two words: George W. Bush (OK, two words and an initial); or Dick Cheney; or Karl Rove; or Donald Rumsfeld; or Condoleeza Rice; or Scooter Libby; or Alberto Gonzales; or...need I go on.

Each of those named above could easily be named in an indictment of any kind, from war crimes to misuse of office, abuse of power, improper coercion to good ole' accessory to murder, conspiracy to commit murder, on and on. I'm not being hysterical, there's so much documented evidence that most of America now acknowledges that the President and his minions lied about the war, lied about everything, used it all to further their own agenda, they and their friends made billions and even trillions, people died, weapons were used, improper fear and coercion was used...

And they get to retire with benefits, and some of them get secret service for life instead of a life of no secrets behind bars.

So yes, some Illinois Democrat is a slimy politician. Take a national poll and ask Americans, if the FBI were to tap all of the phones of all of the politicians including leaders of law enforcement, what percentage would come back with some kind of law, rule or undue influence broken or exerted? Well, as an American I'd like to say less than 20% in my belief. I'd like to, I can't. I'd say more like 70%. Just me, a poll of one, but it's like the doctor's rule: take a seemingly healthy person, run them through a barrage of tests and you'll find at least three things wrong with them. Same thing here.

That doesn't make it right, I'm simply saying, stop acting so damned interested in injustice. CNN, MSBC, Fox, there's plenty of facts and investigative reporting you could be doing on anyone mentioned above, FBI there's plenty of wire taps you could be issuing on people whose crimes would be bigger than selling a Senate seat. Hell, at least this guy was honest in his dishonesty. Many a Senate seat, House Seat, or even a Presidency has been the result of some deal here or there. Stop acting like deals are not made to put people in office.

A governor with an unrecognizable name did some pretty common crimes while in office. No one died, the state's economy did not crumble, we do not have to bail out the state because of his crimes. He was ambitious and greedy but kept his ambition and greed to harming only himself in most ways.

A President and staff with a perfectly recognizable name did some pretty uncommon crimes while in office. People died. A country was destroyed (Iraq) and another brought to the brink of destruction (The United States).

And the outrage is over the Governor of Illinois' blatantness? One day in to this controversy the legislature of Illinois met to strip this Governor of his power to appoint a Senator and articles of impeachment are being drawn.

Everyone has ignored calls to impeach George W. Bush.

The Governor of Illinois has been investigated for years.

Karl Rove is in contempt of Congress because he refuses to testify in front of them about Alberto Gonzales' involvement and firing of Federal Prosecutors who wouldn't do their bidding. Talk about a "shake down." They "shook down" the Justice Department and no one did a thing.

Then they deregulated criminal activity and let Wall Street fleece and "shake down" Americans, then, when Americans were being thrown in to the streets because of these greedy despots, these same despots come back to Americans and ask for bailouts and the criminals in office give it to them.

Stop bothering petty criminals like the Governor of Illinois while the people that should occupy America's 10 Most Wanted, from Chief Executive on down, not only go unpunished but continue to get awards, accolades and, in a month or so, pardons.

Yes, there should be headlines that say "Shame!" and "Guilty" or "Busted" but this ignorant want-to-be-thug of a governor is a small fish a few states away from the mother of all corrupt ponds, Washington D.C.

Go after those fish, or pull up the lines. Stop acting like a minnow is a bass. OK, so I don't fish, but you get the idea. So we caught a guppy. I say we take down the sharks and barracudas that have been eating our country alive, destroying everything they touch, killed millions of Iraqis and thousands of Americans and presided over the biggest amount of financial lawlessness since gangs roamed the west and just took the money.

A dirty governor is upsetting, but workable and fixable. A cabal of criminals running the country for eight years going unpunished (including treason, disclosing names of spies, etc) is a national disgrace that will hang on our heads until we fix it.

The world has not forgotten what these men and women have done in our names; the world could care less about the governor of Illinois. So unless you live in Illinois, time to refocus your attention and rage. Forget this governor, and yes, don't get too caught up in the Inaugural hoopla.

We cannot progress forward until we make right our past. And we can't do that until people are punished and tried. Even if acquitted, we have to go through the process or the document that outlines it, The Constitution, means as little to us as it did to them.