10/22/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Pig Needs Gloss and America Needs a Makeover

The Pop Culture Pig McCain / Palin have created may be running around in lipstick, but they would have been wiser to apply some gloss because it appears a week out it, and the McCain Palin ticket, is losing its shine.

But how could it not? Any intelligent person can see right through what John McCain, Sarah Palin and the real power brokers behind the scenes are trying to do. Anyone of any real substance knows that they have none, substance, that is, on which to stand or run. As the nation's financial institutions crumble, 11 banks so far, and Lehman which withstood the Civil War and Depression but not the Bush /McCain economy goes bust, as AIG is taken over, the bull of Wall Street Merrill Lynch sold off to Bank of America and the public now must socialize risk and bailouts Rome is officially burning. And not only have we smelled the smoke for some time, but many warned of the impending blaze.

And that's just it. We, the informed, educated people, we the people that stay informed on current news, follow the campaigns or the officials in office, look for the truth in more than one source and have critical thinking capabilities, saw this coming. Corrupt officials, war criminals in office, corporate socialists...the neocons pillaged right in front of the nation and most thought Democrats or liberals or even intelligent, independent Republicans were the Chicken Littles of the 21st Century.

Well, guess what, the sky really is falling and every time we look up to see if it's over the actions of this criminal administration (or lack thereof) and the blatant lies and deceit of their current candidates for office knock off another piece that comes tumbling down on somebody's head in some sector of society.

John McCain and Sarah Palin don't frighten me, they are Politibots, doing what they are told. They are mere reflections of the contempt the people in power have for those that they govern. No, they don't scare me, I've encountered enemies like this all my life, adversaries merely doing what they do. As a gay man in mainstream media, well, let's just say you'd never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

And that scares me. It's not the candidates, their lies and contempt for my country. They don't care about it, they care about party, self, rich, White people like themselves. It's how little the people that are blinded by such idiocy seem to care or know about their own country and their duty to it.

I am appalled that any American would be swept away by a pair of exotic bone and rare horn glasses, a beehive or an ancient war record. It frightens me that as our country falls around us politically, socially, economically, that anyone calling themselves an America or a patriot would support this party of traitors, liars and thieves, despots determined to undermine our very security and lives for their own greedy ends. People who lack true vision to plan for the next 100 years instead of living in the last century.

It is time the "elite" of America wake up and realize that the elitism mentioned doesn't mean you can afford to go to the Streisand benefit Obama had (which raised over $8 million in one night, some pipes there Babs!), it means you actually posses the ability to come to a conclusion not fed by a soundbyte, to chose a candidate based on actual qualifications instead of slogans...hell, in today's society it could simply mean you read more than OK! Magazine or the Enquirer.

And when education is seen as elite we are in trouble. And we're in trouble.

Cindy McCain is out saying The View was too hard on her husband. The View. Give me a break. This man wants to be President and he can't handle Whoopi Goldberg or Barbara Walters? Cindy McCain shut the hell up you rich, pampered neophyte. Your husband wants to be the leader of the free world, and this is not some board meeting you can shut down like Alexis Carrington on Dynasty.

Palin and McCain lie repeatedly, and so do their minions and to call them on it is to be abusive? And educated people are buying this argument?

No, they're not, and that's the biggest issue. Campaigns have been dumbed down to pigs, lipstick and more and instead of elevating them, everybody gets in the mud. If America had its way at this point the election would be a WWF smackdown or a reality show like American Idol.

The fact is many Americans are too ill informed, too lazy, too stupid, too self-serving, too uneducated to actually make this choice. Our founders never accounted for that, they always assumed Americans would retain some sense of national pride, of national dignity and at least the common sense to do what is right for the nation above all else. Wrong. They never saw this celebrity driven culture of immediate self gratification that America has become.

No America, it's not the candidates that need to change. It's not McCain or Palin or Obama or Biden that are going to determine what happens to's people who vote one issue (like abortion) or religious supremacists or moneyed interests. Yes, it's mostly idiots, let's just say it. How else could anyone explain the last eight years?

Many, too many, people in America are now too stupid, too ill informed, too self-centered and too lacking in any real sense of nationalism to do what is required of them, to do what is right for the nation. Obama cannot teach them in 40+ days what they need to know. It's why it seems close. He's trying to fight with facts, with reason, with logic, with passionate discourse about a better tomorrow. It's like trying to teach math to a pig (lipstick or no), it frustrates the human and pisses off the pig. They don't want information, facts, policies, they want clichés, mudfights and smack downs.

This election is not a referendum on any party. It is a turning point in American history. If America demonstrates its political and national ignorance yet again by giving what once was called the Republican party another four years to rule, to decimate and to destroy, then they will. That's what they do. It's easy to stop them. Vote them out. However, if not enough Americans show up to do that, and the marching morons line up again at the polls to exhibit their cult-like attributes, then America will fail.

Sept. 17, 1787 the Constitution of the United States was signed at the Constitutional Convention going on in Philadelphia, PA. 221 years later we shall see if it endures. It didn't take a college degree to figure it out. It's pretty self-evident:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

If we can't follow those simple rules, if we're not smart enough to understand that there's only one real choice in this election, progress or regress and collapse, then we, the People, are the pigs, and no amount of lipstick or gloss will dress us up and nor would it matter because the eggs are already frying and the Republicans are lining us up to be their bacon.

As with all species, and countries, it's time to evolve, or die off. Those of us that see that are waiting in the pens with the rest of the pigs, begging them not to allow the liar with the prod to coax them in to certain doom, all the while knowing that if they do this time, we may not survive the slaughter.

Meanwhile all the sows seem to be doing is picking the right shade of lipstick to wear to the gutting.