02/11/2008 10:28 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ailes Assails Whiners

In an email FOX News Channel CEO Roger Ailes sent this week to all staffers, he wrote, "...I sometimes hear too much selfish complaining, petty whining, and a desire to have what someone else has. Of course there are exceptions to this and we all know who they are, on the other hand do not assume I am talking about someone else."

Come on, guys, quitchyerbellyaching. What do you have to be unhappy about, after all, as Ailes writes, "Presumably those of you who came to Fox News Channel have done better here than you were doing before. We make a decent living. Many of us are quite comfortable. Some of us are famous. We work for a great company. We contribute to the most exciting profession in the world and we live in America."

In the email, he reminds everyone, that "My proudest accomplishment is being able to keep my word to Mr. Murdoch that I could and would lead the effort to build a fair and balanced news network. It is up to you to see that the dream continues." He might have added but didn't, that in order to keep the dream alive and to ensure that FOX News is fair and balanced, he recently hired Karl Rove - the ultimate fair and balanced person, right up there with Dick Cheney - as a news analyst and commentator.

What do fair-minded reporters and anchors at FOX News have to whine about? Certainly not Bill O'Reilly's thoughtful, rational, calm, fact-filled, objective discussions? Certainly not Sean Hannity's even more respectful, nuanced, and balanced musings? Certainly not the addition of Karl Rove to the roster of non-partisan analysts? Certainly not the emergence of the serious, meaty, highly popular, bimboless FOX Business News channel as another FOX News sister brand? Certainly the women employed by FOX News have no complaint about the objective, loving, fair news coverage of Hillary Clinton or about comments the FOX News personalities make about her.

Ailes wrote that email because he wants to keep the dream alive. What dream? The dream that FOX News is fair and balanced and that he's as thin as Barack Obama.