08/05/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Critiquing Celebrity Kids' Style

"Who Wore it Better?" is a common fixture in today's gossip rags and sites but it's usually limited to people old enough to (theoretically) be responsible for their own fashion choices. However, to feed our bottomless celebrity fashion appetite, some are taking the fashion fights from the merely twee set down to the simply wee set.


In this week's edition, Suri Cruise takes on Violet Affleck to see who pulls off a black and pink summer dress with better elan.

After asking the requisite (and tired) "Who wore it better?!" the site thankfully backs off and calls it a tie, summarizing, "I can't pick who wore it best -- both girls are equally cute -- Suri with her dark hair and that adorable face and Violet with those to die-for dimples. Both celebrity tots are pretty special!"

Despite the cop-out, however, it can't be escaped that the readers are being asked to judge the "style" of a toddler. And not only are we asked to judge but are asked to apply the superlative "better" to a person who probably doesn't even know what a "style" is unless it's applied to her Barbie doll's hair.

So many problems with this but I'll address two:
1. It's not their style. Most likely their mothers dressed them. Even if they dressed themselves (you go, big girls!) somebody had to purchase the dress for them (although I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Suri has her own Barney's line of credit already). And haven't we established that Katie Holmes and Jennifer Garner both have lovely, unique styles?

2. Let's say it is their style. When I was six all I wanted to wear was my Wonder Woman leotard and tap shoes. hanks heavens I'm not famous or I might've been on the "What Were They Thinking?" page. I'm no psychologist but I think it could actually damage an emerging sense of style by critiquing it so young. For reals -- look what happened to Lindsay Lohan. She started out cute as a button and now she's designing "presidential leggings" with kneepads.

3. Fine, I know this means I can't count but I have to point out: Suri and Violet aren't rivals! Why pit babies against each other? Isn't there enough cat scratching among the older generation?

It's bad enough we blind them with flashbulbs and then plaster their deer-caught-in-the-headlights expressions on every conceivable medium but must we judge them too?

photo credit: FameCrawler