06/13/2013 10:51 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New Play Unbroken Circle a Family Affair (AUDIO)

2013-06-12-HUFFSeth.jpgThis week I talked with Broadway veteran Seth Rudetsky about the new play Unbroken Circle he has produced that's now in previews and opens on Wednesday, June 19, at St. Luke's Theatre, 308 W. 46th Street in NYC. Although Seth is a household name around the Great White Way as a pianist, conductor, performer and author, this marks his first time as a theatre producer. Unbroken Circle is written by and stars his husband James Wesley (The Wild Party, Ragtime), and to round out the family affair, their 12-year-old daughter Juli Wesley (Children of Eden) appears as Jame's daughter in the play. Set in 1970 Galveston, Texas, Unbroken Circle is the story of a family brought together for the first time in years on the day of its patriarch's funeral. As the day turns into night, the man's impact on his family unfolds in unexpected and surprising ways. Unbroken Circle is hilarious, disturbing and hopeful as it explores decades of family abuse and secrets.

I talked to Seth about the play and his spin on our LGBT issues. When asked about his personal commitment to LGBT equality, Rudetsky stated:

That's a very big issue for me ever since I was a kid. You know, essentially I'm on the radio every day on Sirius XM, and I'm a combination of either telling people about Broadway music or very political, telling people to call their senators because there's a vote on ENDA happening. I also get a lot of letters saying, you know, "I live in Alabama" -- or wherever -- "and hearing you talk about your husband and your kid so matter-of-factly I think is so wonderful, because you really show America what it is like to be a gay person, and what it is like to live that life." You know, it's the whole Harvey Milk theory that people can't really be against someone they know or like. It's just easier to be against gay people if it's "oh, these freaks" that they don't know anything about, but to know that when you're voting against gay rights, you're voting against me, this radio host that you like that has a kid with dyslexia that he's just trying to get into a good school, I think it just demystifies gayness. So I feel I'm a combination of very political and also just matter-of-fact, to help America see what it's like to be an adult gay man who's married and has a kid.


Unbroken Circle is produced by Seth Rudetsky and Mary J. Davisand. Also appearing are Stacey Bone-Gleason (The Baristas, Celebrity Ghost Stories), Lori Hammel (Forbidden Broadway, Mamma Mia), Suzanna Hay (Dance of Death), Anika Larsen (Xanadu, Zanna, Don't) and Eve Plumb, who we loved as Jan on TV's The Brady Bunch.

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