05/03/2016 11:31 am ET Updated May 04, 2017

6 Things To Consider Before Having a Swimming Pool Built At Home

Among all things you'll have built inside your home, a swimming pool can be the most expensive. It's one of the biggest investments you'll make in your lifetime, making it only wise for you to make sure that it will last the test of time. However, before you jump on planning your backyard paradise, here are six important considerations to think about first so you can arrive at the best decision for you and your family.

1. Cost

There are different kinds of swimming pools and the cost would vary for each. Since a pool almost always costs a considerable amount of money, it's crucial to set a budget first and then working on the budget you've set. While it's totally okay to have grand dreams for how you want your pool to look like, it's important to be realistic when it comes to what you can afford and which type of pool will best meet your family and your needs.

2. Location

Yes, you have enough funds to get the construction started and finished. However, did you check if your yard is suited for a swimming pool? How about zoning restrictions applicable in your area? These things are crucial before you move on to the construction process.

3. Size

The size of the swimming pool depends not just on the space you have available but also on your budget and zoning restrictions. Your contractor should be able to guide you in making the best decision and complying with zoning.

4. Enclosure

Depending on where you live, your swimming pool will be of use to you and your family for three to four months only in a year. Isn't that kind of crazy given the amount of money you've spent just to have it built? With that said, if you don't wish to be in the mercy of the weather in your area, here's the good news: you can have a custom swimming pool enclosure built so you'll have the freedom to swim all year round. It will also keep your pets, if any, and your children safe when your eyes are not on them.

5. Amenities

Aside from the swimming pool itself, you might have thought about adding a diving board and slide. If you're anything like me, you may have even dreamed of getting waterfalls and bubblers! These options certainly make swimming more exciting but that doesn't mean that you need them. Again, you've set a budget and you'll be wise to stick to it. If the budget allows, let nothing stop you from adding the extra features you want to have.

6. Contractor

So you've got everything planned out but you haven't found a reputable and trustworthy contractor who'll make your dreams a reality. When choosing a contractor, don't just scour the internet and rely on the information you get. It's best to get referrals from your trusted friends and neighbors who have swimming pools of their own or know someone who has a swimming pool. Once you have a list of names of contractors, that's when you need to investigate on their background. If you can talk to their previous customers, it would even be better so you can make the best decision.

Adding a swimming pool to your property isn't an easy decision to make. Take these things into consideration before you decide. Better yet, talk with your family before taking the plunge. If it's a yes, you can bet you'll have entertainment and fun to look forward to.