06/29/2016 06:59 pm ET Updated Jun 30, 2017

Here's How You Can Throw Your Child An Unforgettable Coming of Age Party

Your child is turning 13 and it's getting you all excited and nervous at the same time. You know it's one of life's important milestones so you want to make sure the mitzvah you're throwing will be a memorable one. On the other hand, you know you can't break the bank just to fulfill your child's wishes for one night because there's college to think about. So to make the celebration a success without spending all your savings, here are five tips to keep in mind.

1. Set a budget and stick to it.

As with any other important celebration, your budget is one of the first considerations. You can't jump to planning if you're not even sure how much funds you're working with. So sit down with your child and find out what do they specifically want for their mitzvah. Have them choose from a range of options and have them rank their choices according to their heart's desires so you know which to prioritize and how to improvise with the budget that you have at hand. It won't be easy but with your creativity and the support of other family members, nothing is impossible.

2. Decide on the mitzvah's theme.

This second step requires the input of your child so make sure to involve them in the process. It will help to have options (that fit your budget) ready before sitting down with them to talk about it. Once a decision has been made, let them know that it has to be final. They can't change their mind while you're halfway through the preparations. Once they agreed, dive to the internet to do a search of other similar parties so you can pick up some tips and have a guide. Be sure to consider getting a professional party planner, too if your schedule won't allow you to personally check on everything.

3. Look for the perfect venue.

After you've determined the final headcount of your guests, the next step is to find the perfect place where you can celebrate your child's bat or bar mitzvah. When looking for a venue, you should find one which is easy to locate especially for your guests who are coming from far places, complete facilities, ample parking space, and clean.

4. Find a photographer or videographer.

While almost all of us have awesome cameras on our smartphones these days, it still pays to get someone professional to take photos and record the mitzvah's important moments. This way, your family has a remembrance of the mitzvah that you can watch whenever you want to. More importantly, you can just enjoy the night with your child, marveling at the woman or man she or he has become.

5. Look for a caterer.

Even if you love cooking and you're a master chef, don't attempt to cook the menu for everyone you've invited. Your child would want you to be there when she or he needs you so you'll be better off getting a caterer to take care of the menu and refreshments for the mitzvah.

Bar or bat mitzvahs does not have to be elaborate to be special. Yes, they can be stressful for everyone, but with enough preparation, lots of perseverance, and a healthy dose of faith, your child's coming of age party will be the best she or he can ever ask for.