08/18/2011 02:21 pm ET Updated Oct 18, 2011

Retrograde-Proof Your Relationships

Those missed calls or email malfunctions aren't a coincidence. As the messenger planet Mercury slows down, our communication is impacted from travel and work to date night. Here are five tips to survive Mercury in Retrograde with your sanity and relationships in tact.

We are sometimes quick to think we should be the stars of our own reality shows when things go awry, but it's important to remember it's not just you. The entire world is experiencing haywire messages right now, so give your honey a break for not calling. I learned this the hard way as me and my guy saw our communication get off track. It wasn't our style so I conferred with my homie, Google. He reminded me that Retrograde had indeed started the day before.

My grandmother probably never knew what Mercury in Retrograde is. That's because she did most of her communicating in person or over the phone. New technology has created even greater room for communication confusion. To minimize mixed messages, have as many conversations offline, and that includes text messages.

This wacky time is a great chance to practice a golden rule: "We can't control the world, but we can control our reactions to it." As things feel off kilter, remember you still have the power to proclaim every day a great one, regardless if you butt-dialed your ex last night. Be proactive in having a good time with those you care about.

Don't trust your phone to still have that cutie's number saved tomorrow. To avoid snafus in plans or information sharing be sure to write down any information received. Read back data and confirm for clarity.

It's often suggested not to enter new contracts or commitments during retrograde, and to instead explore what's already on your plate. This is also great for our personal lives. As communication goes off track, it's a perfect opportunity to make sure your relationships are truly in sync and to review your love goals. Things will be back to normal on September 9, and hopefully you'll be even closer to those who matter most.

What crazy experiences have you had during Mercury in Retrograde?