05/06/2012 09:28 am ET Updated Jul 06, 2012

10 Summer Cocktails From Around The World (PHOTOS)

Summer is the best season for enjoying a cold drink, whether it's on the beach, roof deck, your favorite bar or even at home.

With endless combinations of spirits, mixers and ingredients, along with regional tastes and specialties, there's a wide array of options to imbibe.

Whether it's a version of centuries-old Spanish sangria, a fruity Pimm's Cup from 19th-century Britain, a pina colada created in 1950s-era Puerto Rico or a Long Island Iced Tea from the unremarkable 1970s, there are plenty of choices. Try one -- or all 10 -- of Cheapflights' summer cocktail picks from around the world.

-- Martin Clinton

Top 10 Summer Cocktails from around the World