01/28/2015 01:14 pm ET Updated Mar 30, 2015

Say I Can't and I'll Prove You Wrong

You've heard the word. You probably heard it today. No. Two little letters that have held you back or crushed your spirit. And the word is always spoken at a time when it's the last one you want to be hearing. Living with a "can't" mindset can be debilitating and prevent us from reaching something truly great in our lives. But how do we shake it? How do we use the word "no" as fuel for our creativity and power for overcoming our obstacles? I'm going to tell you how I did it.

Haters Are My Motivators

We all have to deal with those people who tell us "no" or that we "can't" do something. You know the ones, just plain old Debbie Downers. But what if we used their negativity to our advantage? There is nothing more satisfying than proving someone wrong by way of success. There were times I was at my lowest and felt I had no way to go but down. People in my life reinforced this with their judgments or non-belief in my abilities. These were the times I learned some of my biggest lessons about who I was and what I was capable of. As a successful entrepreneur I now have the pleasure of looking back and actually being thankful for those who just didn't get me. Crazy right? You see those people motivated me with every "no" they spoke and every laugh they gave at my ideas. It pushed me to work harder and harder. The feeling I have now and the work I have done is the greatest reward I can give myself and I want you to experience too.

Believe in the Impossible

You are probably working a job you hate or just feel stuck in a life that doesn't fit the plan you had for yourself. I am living proof that you should never stop dreaming and never stop pounding on the closed door in front of you. If you pound long enough someone will answer! It was my sheer determination, persistence and belief in myself that led me to where I am today. Even at my lowest of lows (and trust me they were low) I never lost that voice in the back of my mind that told me I could do whatever it took to be successful on my own terms. That voice is where I found my strength when I needed it and what propelled me to prove the naysayers wrong in every area of my life. I somehow knew that there was no such thing as "impossible" and I stayed hungry for more out of life.

Find a Detour

Were you that kid who could never sit still and certainly wasn't going to follow any rules? That was me -- okay it still is me. What I know now is that my nature is to be curious. I also know that there are people out there who will try to stand in your way of getting an answer. These people are cleverly disguised roadblocks to success. Some of them may even be your "friends." It is often easier to just let them stop you in your tracks but then that's where your journey will end: right where they stopped you. And, they will win. You certainly don't want that. If you want to create a life of your dreams and satisfy your own curious spirit you have to find ways to go around anyone who may be holding you back. Their negativity and influence in your life should be a wake up call that it's time to take a new route on your road to success. But, be thankful to those people for giving you the clarity you needed to push harder or try something new.

Trust the Universe

Not one person on earth gets through this life without encountering someone who doubts them or just dislikes them for whatever reason. What fun is someone that everyone likes anyway? But, when those pesky doubters start getting a little too loud you have to find your trust and hope in the knowledge that the universe works for our good. After all, luck really is just hard work and preparation that come together when opportunity presents itself. I truly believe that people told me I couldn't do certain things or even laughed in my face for a reason. That reason is that it forced me to look inward and find my strength to overcome any outside voices. It may seem sugar coated, but I wouldn't be writing this today if it hadn't been for those who doubted me. It gave me the determination and sometimes the anger to prove each and every naysayer wrong over and over again. And, I still love the thrill of doing it!