11/08/2011 09:41 am ET Updated Jan 08, 2012

The Story Of My Senior Year

September has finally rolled around as I say goodbye to summer. This summer has been a learning experience. I've never written so much in my life -- well, maybe that's not totally true.

I spent half of my summer taking a College Now class that taught me how to write a newspaper article. I never knew that there were so many steps it took to finalizing an article. I've worked so hard to not only think of a topic that teenagers can relate to but also find sources and do interviews. All my hard work finally paid off when it was published on a high school newspaper website and I was the third person to get the most views.

I spent the other half of my summer learning how to write a personal statement, which literally drove me insane. It's still driving me insane on the simple fact that this essay will go to colleges and this will determine if I will get accepted or not. This personal statement separates me from everyone else. I also learned a lot, A LOT about debt and trust me, that is something I won't enjoy getting. A cool thing about that was I got to be inside Columbia University a lot which is by far a beautiful campus.

Between learning how to write an article and personal statements I also had time off to relax, go
shopping, listen to live music, and write. I also had do two summer assignments that are due the first day of school. It wasn't that bad, maybe because I'm not big on procrastinating.

One thing that you will constantly see when I write blogs is that I love writing. I've always enjoyed writing and letting others learn more about myself through my writing. I love writing stories and voicing my opinion on what I see or how I feel. Journalism, that's it. With senior year right around the corner, more like a week from now, I can finally check off the box labeling journalism as a major.

Major, check. Choices of colleges? Double check. I can't believe that a year ago or maybe two I wasn't even sure what I was going to do or where I wanted to go. I was sure that I wanted to leave as far from home as possible and with stepping into High School of Fashion Industries I wanted to do fashion design. Now I'm leaving wanting to do Journalism, fashion magazine journalism, and going away but letting two hours or less be apart from home.

I'm excited, I'm happy, I'm scared. Senior year is going to bring me so many emotions. From
applications to prom to graduation, I'm going to write it every step of the way. I'm not going to delay or sugarcoat anything. This marks the first page of many more pages to come. Today I finally raised a driver's permit in the air and soon enough I would be raising a high school diploma. You mark my words.