12/26/2011 07:56 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2012

It's Called Social Media For A Reason

Technology has made a major impact in the 21st century. People can now communicate with each other at a faster rate. There is even a better opportunity at resources from all around the world. The Internet is a way for people to escape from reality and express themselves in any way. They have the chance to take control on what they do and what they say on the Internet. Most of the time people express their problems indirectly to others, knowing that as much as they express their anger, their sadness, their love, they know that one person hopefully never comes across it which makes life easier for them.

But what happens when the internet is not an escape anymore and that the one person you are angry with happens to be on every social networking site that you're on? Is there another way of expressing yourself online without conflict?

I know when it comes to me on the Internet I tend to want to rant on specific topics. I feel that I can express myself online when no one in reality understands. I even think it's better to type out rather than write down my feelings, a much faster pace to go by. But I suddenly realize that I can't always do that when I'm angry or annoyed at someone. If I can't tell them to their face how I feel now, what makes the internet any different? How am I going to be able to ever express myself to people in person?

It's hard to have your friends on every social network site. Imagine you and your friend getting in a fight -- do you delete them off of every site? Do you bash them in hopes that they don't see it? Or what if your friend has done something that they aren't even aware of, how are you able to express your anger? If you haven't noticed, they can see it! The worst thing you can do is express how much they annoy you and them finding it on the Internet and being completely oblivious about the whole situation.

The place that you once thought was a secret place for you to be you is suddenly stripped away and you have no way of just saying how you feel without being judged.

A great example of a social networking site is Facebook. A website you thought you can complain about your mom telling you to clean your room for the hundredth time or your brother getting away with things is something you can't do anymore. Everyone you've ever seen, spoke to, or known is on the Internet watching your every move. Whatever you wanted to write before is suddenly censored.

The first solution you think of is deleting them, never letting them see what you write. But, that just urges them to try harder, ask more questions on what you're hiding. It's never good to be secretive or being someone you're not. Is there such a thing as privacy anymore?