09/11/2014 03:34 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

How My Second-Grader Explains His Two-Mom Family, A Play in One Act

Setting: Interior, my Subaru Outback, en route to a school field trip.

Characters: Kid One, whom I have just met. Kid Two, who has been my son's classmate for the past two years. My Kid, sitting between them in the back seat. Me, driving.

Begin Scene: Mid-conversation, giddy children babbling.

Kid One to My Kid: "Why don't you just ask your dad to do it?"

My Kid: "I don't have a dad."

Kid One: "You don't have a dad?"

Kid Two: "No, and don't ask him if his dad died, because he just doesn't have one."

Kid One: "How does that even work?"

My Kid: "Well that mom [points at me] met my other mom and they got married and they stared making babies."

Kid Two: "Oh." [Pause.] "Do you like Minecraft?"

End Scene