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Repurposing Ideas: 5 New Uses For Chocolate

With Halloween just around the corner, we're sure that you'll wind up with a surplus of chocolate laying around the house. We all know that eating too much candy is never a good thing, but we found some unusual uses for chocolate that don't involve consuming calories.

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You can make a lip balm that tastes great--literally! These instructions from show you how to make some easily. And this DIY makes a great gift for any chocoholics that you know.

Take half a cup of chocolate and put it in the microwave, melting it into a thick paste, then letting it cool. You can apply this to your skin as a moisturizing mask that leaves you dewey and sweet-smelling. And best of all, chocolate contains antioxidants! After letting it sit for a few minutes, just wash off and towel dry as normal.

People have been using cocoa butter soap for years. How about you try making your own? Adventures With The Sage has shared a set of instructions on how you can make chocolate soap. What better way to make bathing and hand washing fun... and yummy?

We've been told by our grandmothers to never play with our food. But you can actually sculpt with chocolate. This will make a great edible decoration for a centerpiece, and after your guests leave, you can eat it! This may be for the more advanced food artist, but Instructictables shares some great tips and advice on how you can channel your inner Michelangelo with some chocolate.

Chocolate is an old standby gift idea, but you can show how sophisticated you are by pairing some dark chocolate with a red wine. This delicious combination is a thoughtful way to impress your friends and loved ones the next time you are an invited guest.

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