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Repurposing Ideas: 5 New Uses For Beer

The big winner isn't San Francisco or Baltimore this weekend -- it's a beer! According to the Nielsen Company, the Super Bowl is the eighth highest beer selling day of the year. So chances are you'll probably have an extra bottle (or five) around the house this weekend. Here are some of our five other uses for beer besides drinking, of course.

Stain Remover

Coffee may be the cure for too much beer consumption, but reversely beer comes in handy for removing coffee stains. Just pour some beer on the recently stained carpet or garment and rub the spot. You'll be surprised at how effective it is. Just make sure that you rinse the excess beer off afterwards.

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Inside Plant Fertilizer

Did you know that plants like beer just as much as people do? Well they do, but for different reasons. The starches and yeast in beer help feed plants. Just pour a little bit of what is left in your bottle or glass into your house plants' pots. Your fern will thank you!

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Foot Soak

Drinking a beer may be one way to deal with a problem, but you can soak your feet in beer to help soothe your aching feet. According to Philly Beer Scene, you can make a great foot soak out of beer, vinegar and acidophilus sachet (which you can get from the local health food store) that will help soothe your stems. Best of all, this treatment takes care of dry skin.

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Rust Remover

If you have old hardware that is starting to get a little too rusty, let these tools sit in some beer for a bit. The carbonation and the alcohol help beak up the rust. This is especially helpful for rusty bolts; just douse the item in question in a brew.

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Meat Tenderizer

Ok, this might not be a household tip per se, but it's a great use for your beer. You can use it to tenderize your meat, thanks to the acidity in beer. Just let your roast soak in the fridge in a beer bath for a few hours and you are all set.

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