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Repurposing Ideas: Five New Uses For Seltzer


Though I tried giving up drinking soda in favor of seltzer, I'll be the first to admit that I failed. About a week into the process I learned something: I really don't like drinking the carbonated substitute. That said, I did find several new uses for seltzer around the house. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Counter Cleaner
Seltzer's mild acidity makes it a great counter cleaner -- especially if you're concerned about using stronger chemical sprays. The beverage's acidity is just strong enough to help break down dirt and grime on your kitchen counters, stainless steel fixtures and even porcelain sinks.
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2. Hair Cleaner
This trick is especially useful in the summer months, as the chlorine in pools and the saltwater from the beach do some damage on our hair. Rinsing your hair with seltzer (using either half a cup or a full cup depending on how long your hair is) after a day at the beach or pool will help remove any buildup on your follicles.
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3. Waffles/Pancakes
Swap out the water for seltzer when you're making waffles and pancakes. The carbonation produces light and fluffy breakfast staples. This works especially well when you're using a waffle maker.
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4. Stain Remover
Did you wind up spilling food on your clothes while at the office? Don't worry. Go to the vending machine and get some seltzer and pour directly onto the stain; the carbonation and mild acidity will help break down the blemish. After a gentle scrubbing, it will be as good as new!
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5. Newspaper Preserver
Take Care Of Your Stuff shares a way to preserve newspaper using only seltzer water and milk of magnesia. This is a great trick for home archivists or genealogists. And if you end up with any leftovers you can keep the mixture around to remedy stomach aches.
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