06/21/2006 01:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

On Hugging the President

Bearhugfor pres-20060621101609990004.jpg

Some people sure can be happy. The young man in the picture above lives in an alternative universe from me, clearly. Upon his graduation from Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, N.Y, he was overcome with an irresistible desire to hug President Bush.

Bush had given the commencement address, since he seems to like and need to give at least one speech a day. The article didn't say what the President said, but I should imagine it included the words "post 9-11," "stay the course," "step down once they step up," "has made America safer," "they hate our freedom," and "I believe it is my destiny to spread freedom throughout the world, causing death and destruction while I do so." Well, perhaps not the last sentence.

But this young man is just SO HAPPY to see the President, I felt like I was looking at an alien creature.

The article (from the New York Times) includes that he said to the President: "you're the man!" And that he had trouble getting through the Academy, having received 4,872 demerits, he was almost thrown out twice, and he got his bachelor degree there in 6 years rather than 4.

He has no immediate plans except to "achieve greatness someday." But for now "I'm trying not to think farther than the next couple of days." His view of the President is so different than mine -- is the young man not too smart? does he not read the newspaper? is it exciting to see a President no matter what? does he only listen to Fox News? does he feel the President is protectng us all? But he sure does look happy.

That's all. Just felt struck and ... confused by the photo. Time to take my antidepressant. (That's a joke. I don't take one. I'm willing to FEEL my depression.

Here is the Times article.