02/12/2007 12:44 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Bush Parents Need to Discipline Their Son

As one hears and fears the saber-rattling about Iran, it is time for the Bush parents to discipline their son, finally.

He should have his car taken away from him. All his credit cards should be canceled, especially the ones with China. He should be forced to get a job - maybe at Walmart? Maybe bagging groceries at Giant Food? Maybe he should re-enlist in the National Guard to finish that unfinished stint; maybe he could be deployed to Iraq to learn up close how to fight against those "evil doers" he's always talking about.

Whichever job his parents force him finally to get, he should be made to work out a payment plan with all those maxed-out credit cards. The Bush parents should make it clear that the American children now living should not be expected to pay off these astronomical bills, and that their son W. will finally be made to clean up after one of his messes.

He should have telephone privileges taken away from him. He should in particular not have access to any leaders in the military so he doesn't start any more wars. And he and his bad playmate Dick Cheney should be separated. Mr. Cheney should focus on the impending happy event of Mary's new baby.

If W. fails at bagging groceries or at being in the National Guard, at that point he should be sent into orbit with female astronauts in diapers.

Laura Bush also should apologize to the country for not leaving this man back when he was drinking and she thought about it. Her being married to him, with her admittedly charming face and demeanor, is one of the reasons he got elected. If she had done the more logical thing for herself and left this dry drunk, troubled kid, the country might not have suffered through this debacle. Any woman who says The Brothers Karamazov is her favorite book should not be married to George W. Bush.

Papa Bush should come on tv, and weep again, and blubber that it was a ghastly mistake letting W. be elected, Jeb is the smart one (I wonder how smart really, but I do believe he's smarter than the black sheep son who got chosen). And he and Barbara should apologize for not protecting us from their mess of a son.

I'm triggered to these thoughts and fantasies because of the intensification from the Bush administration's seeming campaign to justify attacking Iran.

No! No! No! - some parent figure needs to yell at W. and Dick Cheney. You've done enough damage, stop it.

Paul Krugman writes a powerful editorial in today's New York Times called Scary Movie 2, urging against the dangers of attacking Iran. (Here's the link; you have to subscribe to see it, however.)

Krugman says that attacking Iran would be a "catastrophic mistake."

He asks aloud if there are "people" in Iran providing aid to factions in Iraq that kill American troops. And he answers, yes, probably - but that the same is also true for Saudi Arabia, thought to be behind funding Sunni insurgents in Irag - and the Sunni insurgents, according to Krugman, are responsible for killing more of our combat troops than are the Shiite insurgents possibly supported by Iran. And the Bush administration always ignores the problems with Saudi Arabia, and seems anxious to make things with Iran fester and blow up.

Krugman ends his editorial with this: "It's still hard to believe that they're really planning to attack Iran, when it's so obvious that another war would be a recipe for even bigger disaster. But remember who's calling the shots: Dick Cheney thinks we've had "enormous successes" in Iraq. "

I don't know how to stop these two lunatics, W. and Dick.

My only hope is that the Bush pater and mater finally stand up to their mess of a son, and save the rest of us from further destruction from him. I don't think Cheney's parents are still alive, so I don't know who can discipline him. Oprah Winfrey? The Pope? Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband?