08/28/2012 08:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Spotify the Election: Music and Politics United as One

It's time for our elected officials to face the music.

With Congress' approval rating at an all-time low, most Americans are seeing little to smile about in Washington. Let's change that.

As we enter the stretch run of our 2012 Elections coverage, I am pleased to introduce "Spotify the Election" -- a new partnership between HuffPost Politics and Spotify. We're teaming up to unite music and politics, curating playlists for the moments that make us cringe, chuckle, and cast votes for the candidates of our choice.

Bookmark our "Spotify the Election" map hub to keep pace with all the songs tied to your states. Roll over the red (strong/leans Romney), blue (strong/leans Obama), or yellow (tossup) area of your choice. On the far right, depending on where your mouse is in America, you'll have access to one of our three latest "Spotify the Election" playlists. Once you've found the music that's to your liking, click on the song tracks either from the play buttons next to the map or from your Spotify app, and let the music do the rest.

Looking for the news behind the music? Click on any state to find the story that put us in the mood to sing (say, Mitt Romney choosing Paul Ryan as his VP pick), with a little Rihanna to capture the mood.

This is where we need you. If you see a piece of news involving any Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Ralph-Nader impostor, and the perfect song pops into your mind, email us at Send us a tweet @HuffPostPol and @Spotify with the hashtag #SpotifyTheElection. Share your song and playlist ideas with our HuffPost Politics and Spotify Facebook accounts. And as always, let us know in the comments what you think.

For those of you who don't watch every ad or won't be crunching poll numbers come November, "Spotify the Election" is an opportunity to put your personal fingerprints on the campaign. Think of this as saying goodbye to super PACs and hello to 2Pac.