03/03/2013 11:06 pm ET Updated May 03, 2013

'The Good Wife' Recap: Guest Stars Galore In 'Going For The Gold'

It was another "The Good Wife" episode full of guest stars. Was it as good as the last episode? Nope, but there were still enough highlights *cough* Carrie Preston *cough* to keep the episode going.

In "Going For The Gold," viewers finally got resolution regarding the Justice Department's case against Eli Gold. To get to the bottom of it, Elsbeth (the brilliant Carrie Preston) sued Frank Landau of the Democratic Party. As a result, we got some fun testimony from Jackie Florrick, solid scenes between Carrie Preston and a bevy of people and a conclusion to one of "The Good Wife's" many ongoing stories. The charges against Eli were dropped after Josh (Kyle MacLachlan) failed to actually have a case. At the end of the episode, Eli returned to Peter's side.

Meanwhile, in the never ending election saga, Jordan (T.R. Knight) proved to be a terrible strategist during Peter's debate prep against Maddie (Maura Tierney). With the help of Alicia and a sappy phone call to Eli, Peter won the debate. Lily Rabe (Sister Mary Eunice to all you "American Horror Story: Asylum" fans out there) was pretty smarmy as Petra the cocky journalist. She should come back. Maura Tierney is always great, I just wish she had more to do besides periodically have a weird scene with Alicia and get owned by Peter every 4 episodes.

Alicia is now a full time equity partner and with that comes managerial duties. Yep, Alicia has to manage the people she called peers up until about two minutes ago. There was some very predictable clashing between Cary and Alicia, but hey, it gave Matt Czuchry something to do.

One thing that really bothered me with this episode was the return of Laura (Amanda Peet). No, it wasn't her bangs, it was the fact that she was hired about three days ago and was now in charge of stuff at the State's Attorney. Come on, writers. The flirtation with Will was almost as predictable as the conflict between Alicia and Cary.

"Going For The Gold" wasn't the best episode of "The Good Wife," but every time Elsbeth was on the screen -- which thankfully was a lot -- everything was better.

Gasp count
: One, only when I saw Lily Rabe.

Some other things:

Will and Alicia both had colds. My reaction: Eye roll, smirk.

The amount of wonderfulness Elsbeth brings to this series is unprecedented. Loved the awkward lunch between Elsbeth and Josh. Loved her questioning people on the stand, loved her just standing in the hall talking. Sadly, I think this is her last episode of the season.

"You leave my lips out of it." - Elsbeth

I've revised what I want in a Elsbeth spinoff. I want Kalinda and Elsbeth to be a wacky private eye/lawyer duo. When Kalinda goes out on fact-finding missions for Elsbeth's cases, Elsbeth tags along. She giggles, Kalinda gives her quality side eye. Make my dream a reality, CBS!

The debate prep scene with Diane and Peter was fun. I know this isn't the first scene they've had together, but it certainly was one of the longest.

"I miss you too." - Eli to Peter.

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