10/14/2012 10:00 pm ET Updated Dec 14, 2012

'The Good Wife' Recap: 'Two Girls, One Code' And An Affair Rumor

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 4, Episode 3 of CBS' "The Good Wife," titled, "Two Girls, One Code."

Omelets have never caused more stress and been as dangerous as they were on this episode of "The Good Wife" thanks to the ongoing violent saga of Nick and Kalinda. More on that soon, but first: the case of the week.

The case brought back Rita Wilson as Viola Walsh and John Benjamin Hickey as Neil Gross, two veterans of Lockhart/Gardner tangos. After a voice recognition software company's site plummets in Chum Hum search, the creators sue Gross and his company. Viola and Will Gardner basically volley back and forth during the whole proceeding, with one person getting the upperhand, quickly losing it and so on. Viola tries to play Clarke (Nathan Lane) against Will and Diane, but Cary catches on and tips off Diane. A very pissed off Diane confronts Clarke and we're given a bit more insight into the bespectacled trustee. Eventually Chum Hum hires the girls suing them to run a company they just bought out. It's a pretty unremarkable case, but Dominic Chianese turns in quite the entertaining performance as a judge you wouldn't expect to know so much about SEO.

"My girlfriend is a federal agent, so good luck with that."
And now ,the omelets. Holy crap, the omelets. This weirdly sexual, very violent relationship between Kalinda and Nick is something I never guessed I'd see on "The Good Wife." When Nick commands Kalinda make him an omelet, the two end up covered in eggs, swinging pans and knives at each other. You know, probably just how it is when you make omelets at home, right? Frustrated, Kalinda seeks out reliable Lana for a tryst. Nick follows Kalinda and tries to threaten both of them. Posing as a stranger at the bar, Nick collects info on Lana, who is alone waiting for Kalinda, and then confronts Kalinda. Alone, he calls Kalinda a "dyke" and she quickly dismisses him with a punch, knocking him to the floor. You see, Nick isn't one to just let this fly, so he threatens Kalinda (while making an omelet). However, Kalinda has something in her favor: a federal agent girlfriend. I really hope Lana will aid our favorite leather-loving PI and get rid of Nick ... after a few more episodes of him unnerving viewers.

The affair.
Everyone please welcome "GCB" veteran Miriam Shor. Cricket Caruth-Reilly has traded in her cowboy hat for some black duds and a ponytail. Shor plays Mandy Post, a Chicago journalist who seems to have info on an affair. Whose affair? Will and Alicia or Peter and ... ? Will and Alicia are in the clear, but not before Alicia and Eli had some quality scenes discussing the matter. So it comes down to Peter. Old wounds are reopened for Alicia as she deals with every possible outcome. This gives viewers some trademark steely/upset Alicia Florrick goodness. Notice the elevator scene, y'all?

However, Kalinda (Eli convinces her to help him clear all of the nonsense up to save Alicia embarrassment) quickly blows holes in the campaign aide's story. Like Alicia would ever agree to an open marriage. Once all affairs have been dismissed, Alicia goes to find Peter and ... kisses him. The episode ends with a kiss. I've never been fully convinced when it comes to Peter/Alicia as a couple. Maybe it's a lack of chemistry between Julianna Margulies and Chris Noth, whatever it is, I don't want them together.

Overall, "Two Girls, One Code" was an entertaining and solidly paced hour.

Gasp count: One. The first time omelets are attempted.

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