01/06/2013 11:07 pm ET Updated Mar 08, 2013

'The Good Wife' Returns: Recap Of 'Boom De Yah Da,' Which Introduces A New Creditor

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 4, Episode 11 of CBS' "The Good Wife," titled "Boom De Yah Da."

Twists! Turns! Returning faces! "Boom De Yah Da" had it all, but did that make it a good episode? Sort of. While it was enjoyable to see Michael J. Fox and Julianna Margulies have an acting showcase in that conference room, it felt like an arduous process to get through the episode.

The main case: A bank was being sued for not taking care of pools at foreclosed homes, thus making them breeding grounds for West Nile and leading a young ballerina to contract the disease. Of course there were ups and downs and all that typical stuff with the case, the main problem being the bank president who kept ducking out of his deposition with Alicia. This gave viewers some sassy time between Alicia and Louis (Fox), and insight into Alicia's life pre-Lockhart/Gardner: She gave her father's eulogy. Alicia ended up getting the bank president to finally sit down and settle after she threatened to reveal his cancer to merging partners of the bank that he'd kept hidden. In addition to all the good Alicia/Louis stuff, the case gave viewers some quality Kalicia time. "Kalinda. And clothes." "And incidentals." The once-dynamic duo sat around on beds and drank wine. There was a nice hint that silence would make Kalinda kill someone and Ms. Sharma apologized to Alicia. Again. I love them so much.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department's investigation into Eli continued, thanks to Wendy Scott-Carr. Yep, her phony smile is back. Because Eli operated his crisis management firm out of Lockhart/Gardner (remember that?), Wendy was able to raid Lockhart/Gardner's files. Good times. Eli was also forced to take on a partner (T.R. Knight as Jordan Karahalios) on Peter's campaign. There were lots of age jokes and that's about it so far.

But Wendy was the least of Will and Diane's problems. Clarke (Nathan Lane) called in M.E. Warner (Tamara Tunie) from "Law & Order: SVU" for mediation. After Will and Diane stopped the merger Clarke set in motion, he became fed up with their obsession with winning. It's true, they are super into winning. Anyway, Will and Diane convinced Warner to let them stay on as managers, thanks to their new creditor ... Louis Canning. Bum bum bummmm. Will and Diane had Cary testify in their favor because he had been tutoring Clarke for his bar exam. Cary said he felt like he had no choice but to help Clarke because of Clarke's sway, but Clarke thought it was because they were pals/in love. Sad times.

Not a terrible episode, just not my favorite.

Stray thoughts and quotes:

"God, no one disappears, they all come back like zombies," Eli about all the returning guest stars.

"He thinks you're fantastic," Simone talking about Louis (and the audience's) feelings re: Alicia.

Tamara Tunie is "the empress." Duh.

"I'm sorry." "I know." Alicia and Kalinda. Not audible for you, dear readers: my squeals of delight.

"Objection. This is beneath you, Alicia." "No, unfortunately it is not."

This is the longest election EVER. However, it does kee Maura Tierney on TV, so I can't complain too much.

Gasp count: One.

"The Good Wife" airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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