12/12/2011 10:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'The Good Wife': 'What Went Wrong' Recap

Alternate episode title: How Alicia learned to deal with life sans sex. Subtitle: Facebook ruins more lives!

After a seemingly slam dunk case ends in a guilty verdict, the Lockhart/Gardner team goes into overdrive to find out what happened in the jury room.

Following several trips to the button lady, an arrest, a wonderful scene between Alicia and Kalinda (more on that below) and multiple visits to the judge, our hero defense attorney saved the day. How? Because the judge friended a jury. Darn that Facebook Facebranch!

"The Good Wife" loves its social media and technology stories.

And now the meat of the episode ...

Alicia Florrick struggles to lose her groove. Now that she's not boinking Will, what is Alicia supposed to do with her free time? Get drunk with Owen! Alicia continued her "I wasn't in love with Will" confession tour -- but do you buy it? -- reconnected with a country club lady over salad and met her new BFF: Diane Lockhart! The conversation Diane had with Alicia about women helping women harkens back to their early Season 1 meetings. Lockhart, Gardner and Florrick? I'm down, especially if it means more trips to the bar for Diane and Alicia. Hope you all noticed what Alicia was drinking -- it wasn't her standby tequila -- it looked like scotch, one of Diane's drinks of choice. Have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised Diane showed up to be Alicia's bar buddy, but I was a tiny bit letdown it wasn't Kalinda. Speaking of Kalinda ...

"I am not joking Cary. You bring Kalinda to me. Now."
It didn't take long for Alicia to find out Kalinda helped "rescue" Grace. However, it did take a really long time for Alicia to rescue us from that awful Grace's religion subplot. Don't think this is end of that though. I loved Alicia's reaction upon hearing Kalinda not only found Grace, but had the kids keep it a secret and threatened Grace's online friend. When she demanded Kalinda's freedom I was cheering. When they talked in the car, I got a bit teary. The ice is thawing. They obviously care about each other, which is of course wonderful, but the show is taking its sweet time reuniting them ... and I love the writers for that. At this point, the revival of Kalinda and Alicia's friendship will be sweeter than the first time Alicia and Will hooked up.

Wendy vs. ...? So Wendy is really after Peter, not Will. Didn't see that one coming. It almost makes me feel a little bad for being annoyed with her smarmy behavior over the last few episodes.

Some other things:
I hated Peter's scene with the headmistress at the end of the episode. Could it have been any sleazier? Kudos to Chris Noth for being able to pull off that ick factor.

No Eli this week ... and I didn't miss him one bit. The show had a solid pace and wasn't bloated to the core.

"It's too complicated, I don't like complications." Oh rrrrreeeaaaalllllllyyyyyyy, Alicia?

More Owen, please. Was Alicia drunk in court?

Gasp count: 2.
Once at Kalinda's smile when Alicia offered to help and the second with Wendy Scott-Carr's reveal to Will.

Did you like the episode? Do you like the new Diane/Alicia friendship? Do you think Wendy Scott-Carr will take down Peter?

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