06/12/2012 05:32 pm ET Updated Aug 12, 2012

Counter, Counter Culture

You can hardly swing a foam dart gun without hitting an XBox in startupville these days. We're all for a little fun around the office, but at some point, the hoodie and Vans pendulum swings too far, and a little formality is needed. It's possible we're there.

The Movable Ink gang is shrugging off the fluffy stuff, focusing instead on old fashioned growth. The startup -- whose product lets companies include live content in their emails, like a real-time countdown on a limited time offer -- found their stride after switching their focus to the enterprise instead of smaller companies. Growth has been "explosive" according to Founder Vivek Sharma, who reports that they're now servicing 11 of the Fortune 500.

As for culture, the team adopted Formal Fridays, AKA wear-a-suit day. This turned into a bit of a spectacle when the team was stationed within General Assembly's co-working space. "We stood out! As you can imagine," Sharma says. For summer? Fedora Fridays are standing in.

Now go forth (and straighten your tie).

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