04/25/2012 02:04 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2012

At Spotify Offices, They'll Sing to You

You walk into the office and it's early and you're not optimally caffeinated, so you think it's rather charming that the person next to you is singing to herself. Then it gets weird: you realize she's not singing to herself, but she's singing to you. Loudly. And it's maybe the most stunning voice you've heard -- it's a tune about heaven.

Everyone's looking at you or her, or maybe both of you. So you set down your bag and collect yourself and push your glasses further up on your face. Some sense emerges. Lots of sense emerges. That is not your co-worker. That is Emeli Sandé. Emeli Sandé is on top of the Billboard charts in the U.K. and she just happened to drop by your office to sing to you (well, to everyone).

This happens at Spotify. As often as twice per week, performers drop by to treat the staff. If you're an audiophile this is your dream job, with dream co-workers -- one employee produced several Beastie Boys songs. If you're not a band-aid, it's still your dream job. Adjacent to the west side Apple building in a sunlit space, the U.S. outpost of Swedish-built Spotify has 90 employees and is hiring rapidly, across all departments. The office does a team-wide Friday lunch to keep the vibe velvet rope even as headcount grows.

Now go forth (and sing to yourself).

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