06/21/2013 01:31 pm ET Updated Aug 21, 2013

A Spooky Prophetic Thought From James Gandolfini

I've never seen The Sopranos. I did see James Gandolfini the second last time he ever did God of Carnage, and he was incredibly good. And he'd been doing the play for a year and a half. Boy, he was great. His big speech is this:

Children consume our lives and then destroy them. Children drag us towards disaster; it's unavoidable. When you see those laughing couples casting off into the sea of matrimony, you say to yourself, they have no idea, poor things, they just have no idea, they're happy. No one tells you anything when you start out. I have an old school buddy who's just about to have a child with his new girlfriend. I said to him, a child, at our age, are you insane? The ten or twelve years we have left before cancer or a stroke, and you're going to screw it up with some brat?

And sometimes you don't even have ten or twelve years.

Gandolfini also had the last line in the show:

"What do we know?"