09/12/2012 04:27 pm ET Updated Nov 12, 2012

GoDaddy Servers Down After CEO Mistakes Them for Elephants

PHOENIX -- Millions of websites were down after CEO Bob Parsons mistook his DNS servers for a herd of grazing African elephants.

Employees at the web hosting company's headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ said they were first alerted to the outage after hearing Mr. Parsons unload his .577 Nitro English double rifle into a bank of blinking lights early Monday morning.

"We all heard the shots and thought he was just opening a beer or picking another dove off his private jet," said PR spokesperson Stuart Lyon, adjusting his reflective vest.

But after a similar incident with Mr. Parsons involving a vending machine earlier this year, the company was prepared. Within minutes of the first gunshot, a bikini-clad convoy was rushed to the parking lot outside the facility to sponge down a '57 Pontiac GTO while clubbing a baby seal. Moments later, the CEO was reported running out to join them.

"Works every time," confessed Mr. Lyon. "I'm just truly sorry for the inconvenience to our customers."