iPad of Dreams 2 of 3: Apps to Sell By

As I mentioned in my post a few weeks back, local market sales people can benefit from specific applications being a part of their iPad regimen. The traveling sales person can similarly benefit but the apps that they need to use are a bit more expansive. When people are on the go, not returning home or to their corporate "homebase" on a given day, the tools they need to stay efficient and productive center around not only their own, personal mobility but also around accessing the documents from their offices and being able to elegantly present and deliver them to prospect and clients.

Below are a few recommendations to help organizations get started providing the right tools to their traveling sales people.

Category 1 - Keep Moving

AirBnB: Even sales people use it now to find lodging on a budget

Flight Aware: We highly recommend downloading your preferred carrier's app but Flight Aware keeps you in the know on flight status and delays.

Amtrak: The newest app from Amtrak is awesome. Just walk on the train, the conductor will scan your phone and you're set. No running to a printed ticket kiosk at the station.

iTranslate: No one likes to whip out a dictionary in another country - iTranslate keeps you communicating and looking discreet while doing it.

HopStop: Built for many cities, with HopStop you can get around faster with public transportation.

Category 2 - Stay Up-to-Date

LinkedIn: The app nearly needs no explanation but it's handy to have with you to see industry news of the day, recent job changes, get reminded of connections in the city you may be visiting and more.

MenuPages: If you're in one of their cities this app can make sure you eat like a local (and can even perhaps show clients a thing or two).

Waze: Much has been said about the new Apple Maps application so we recommend this crowdsourced maps and traffic application. It's rumored that Google is building another Maps app to launch before the year's over. Other recommendations for alternate Maps apps can be found here.

Category 3 - Use Your Documents

Collateral: Get Salesforce documents and Chatter files onto your iPad with a simple download interface - then access them when offline, in a meeting, etc.

Keynote: Present from your iPad, simply.

iAnnotate: Make notes into a PDF document and send them with the notes attached. That's not always so easy on a desktop, now it's easy on iPad.

Crescendo: Get a custom, branded solution that offers you dynamic ways to access, view and share documents from your iPad

Historically, the tricky part about business travel has been making sure you had everything with you before you left. Representatives had to deal with printing, accessing business centers, downloading documents, asking their concierge for recommendations and reservations, etc. Now, with the iPad, you can download, edit, present, share and follow up on documents and presentations with ease. It's also possible to stay up to date with contacts and leverage applications to feel at home even when you're on the move.