07/23/2013 11:14 am ET Updated Sep 18, 2013

Univar Finds a Silver Lining in the Mobile Cloud

Companies that have embraced mobile and the cloud are leaving those who haven't to play catch up. The benefits of enterprise mobility are apparent in the success and revenue growth for businesses everywhere that have already made the switch. Not only does mobility increase productivity and collaboration amongst the sales team, but it also puts large companies on an unprecedented level of organization.

It's not just companies like Apple leading the mobility charge. Companies in every industry are embracing mobile tools to improve sales, productivity and revenues. We recently worked with Univar, a global distributor of industrial and specialty chemicals, to create an iPad app that provides sales reps with real-time document access. Here is a quick recap of the challenges Univar was facing and how implementing a new mobile strategy increased efficiency and communication among its sales team.

With over 4,500 products, the ability for Univar's sales organization to access marketing documents, trend reports and other relevant information for each product line is critical to the health of the business. At Univar, business growth depends on the reliable and economical transport of chemicals, hence the efficient access to and deployment of documents and information is of the highest priority for sales representatives. Univar serves over 115,500 companies, each with their own individual needs, so sales representatives must arm themselves with the up-to-date information they need at all times allowing them to consistently provide the best solution at an optimal rate.

Previously, Univar used Salesforce Content, which worked in conjunction with their Salesforce CRM. However, its accessibility was not mobile or efficient enough for sales representatives who needed timely document access while on the go.

Univar needed to provide sales representatives with a straightforward way to access sales materials that was also easy to adapt for a variety of users and deeply integrated with Salesforce. Univar's Sales Advisory Council, a committee of executives driven to improve sales within Univar, identified immediate, mobile access to content as the number one driver of improved sales results. This need became even more pressing with the launch of a new growth area at Univar, its Mini-Bulk service, a complete storage and delivery system that improves plant safety and productivity while reducing total cost of ownership. The company was also looking to deploy an overall mobile strategy, which was a new approach within Univar, and so evaluating enhanced mobile solutions that integrated with their existing CRM was a natural step.

Univar ultimately seeks to maintain good long-term relationships with their customers. To do so they realized that they must be able to stimulate and sustain conversations with their returning customers as their individual needs grow and change. Similarly they must be able to have easily accessible records of previous transactions as to provide the best support to the customer.

We've been working with Univar to assist in their smooth transition from Salesforce Content to Taptera's Collateral application. The mobile app provides a user-friendly interface that remains synced to Salesforce CRM so sales reps still have immediate access to files and maintain the same level of security as Salesforce on a mobile device.

Through the app sales representatives can easily access, manage and share Salesforce content on the go. The ability to access records of previous transactions and real-time information would also allow the sales team to provide better customer support and maintain good long-term relationships, a strong value of Univar.

With the mobile solution well underway, Univar is closer to their goal of deploying an overall mobile strategy to revolutionize their distribution strategies and realize greater sales-driven revenues.