03/19/2013 12:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Review: Seidio's OBEX Combo iPhone 5 Case Is Military Spec-Tested

When you think of an iPhone 5, military certified toughness is not the first thing that comes to mind, but if you've ever dropped your phone on concrete, you've definitely instantly wished for the protection.

In fact, the iPhone 5's thin design makes it prone to scratching even while being stored in a pocket. Fortunately, there are a growing number of manufacturers offering cases with varying levels of protection.

Seidio OBEX iPhone 5 Case Front

Tradeoffs often associated with cases that offer protection range from not being able to touch the screen, use of the home button, making phone calls, snapping photos without a nasty glare and waterproofing. Seidio's OBEX quad-proof holster combination case does not tradeoff on any of the above actions.

OBEX, Latin for barrier, is a great name for this case. The water and dust protection is IP68 certified and its drop protection exceeds MIL-STD-810G military standards. What those certifications mean is that the case blocks dust while offering continuous protection when submerged in water up to two meters.

The iPhone 5 compatible case comes in several parts, making it easier to install the newly lengthened smartphone. Getting it open to install an iPhone takes a little patience. Following the multiple notices inside of the case directs you to insert the smartphone properly and a warning about the waterproof protection. Before dropping the iPhone into the water with the case, Seidio suggests testing it to make sure it's waterproof.

Seidio OBEX iPhone 5 Case Back

Taking phone calls, use of the touch screen, activating the home button and snapping photos can be difficult to impossible with many of the protective cases on the market, much less removing it from your pocket before the caller has hung up. The OBEX can do it all and then some.

It has cutouts for the forward facing camera, light sensor, microphones, rear Apple logo, rear camera and flash.

Waterproof membranes on the case allow for sound to pass from both of the speakers on the smartphone.

To recharge the iPhone 5 in this case, an easily accessible clip at the bottom snaps open to reveal a rubber cover that protects the Lightning and headphone ports.

Seidio OBEX iPhone 5 Combo Case Belt Clip

To further protect the iPhone 5 when being carried, Seidio offers the OBEX case and a secure spring-clip holster. Case and holster combos are known for being bulky. The design of the holster matches the case and it barely adds thickness to the overall design, which is nice.

Seidio OBEX iPhone 5 Combo Case Exploded ViewTraditional smartphone holsters do not have slide locking mechanisms to hold everything in place. The OBEX version does and it works well when getting in and out of tight vehicles, especially iduring the tangled seatbelt scenario. Other holsters I've tested feel like they could come apart but this one felt solid.

The svelte OBEX Combo case and holster is designed to meet nearly every need and want. Priced at $89.95 from Seidio's website. They offer the OBEX case for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III in black and white colors. You can save $20 by purchasing the OBEX Combo case with holster.

The OBEX looks good and is certified to provide multiple levels of protection, something to consider when investing in the latest smartphone. Why leave anything to chance, you don't have to with the OBEX case from Seidio.

Seidio's OBEX Case Product Video

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