08/20/2014 05:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"But First, Let Me Take a Selfie"

Everyday is a learning experience. Juggling can be difficult especially with the lights out. The past few months I feel like I am walking in circles, juggling in the dark so I was not surprised when I was rushing through Starbucks to grab a coffee to only walk out and have it spill all over my royal blue silk dress. With only 30 minutes to spare before a meeting I had to think quick. I scanned the parking lot and saw Target. It would have to do. Besides, I'm a stylist, they have great relationships with designers I am bound to find something. Like a bat out of hell I was off. You have never seen power shopping until you have witnessed me barreling through racks. I found a dress, cashed out, changed and walked out feeling great! The dress fit beautifully! The color amazing for summer! Feeling on top of the world in a new dress from Target for only $14.99, which may I add was invigorating like a cool breeze on a hot day! Realizing I still had time to swing thru Starbucks for another chance at curbing my caffeine addiction. Jackpot! With Ice Latte in hand and an adorable new dress I knew today nothing was going to stop me and I was going to capture the day!

Boutique Bathroom Selfie


Life can change at any moment. It is up to us to keep moving, stylishly forward. A few reminders to help you get by:

1. It doesn't matter where you shop or how much something costs but rather how it is worn

2. There is always time to shop!

3. When we find ourselves tripping, falling, spilling, dropping things it is because we have so much energy around us. Breath and harness that energy into amazing things! Walking in circles juggling in the dark gets you nowhere. Stop! Slow down!

4. There is always time for a selfie to capture the day!

5. The one thing that can make your day, can also break your day and then make it again! So smile, relax and cheers to coffee!