12/19/2013 04:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Festive Fashion

I'm the kind of girl that is always balancing a bazillion things, especially over the holidays. Owning a Christmas Tree Farm, a clothing boutique and having three children, it is difficult to get Christmas shopping done -- let alone plan outfits for parties, dinners, cocktails and/or events. There are a few secrets I keep in my little black box that I will share with you!

If your budget is as tight as your schedule and you find yourself stressing, just step back and harness your inner Cinderella. Use red satin ribbon, tied in a bow, as a headband or a long side belt. Weave a beautiful ribbon through a knitted sweater and tie at the hip. Dress up an old purse or simply fashion a satin braided, bowed bracelet. Many times, less is more, especially when it comes to fashion! A little flare can leave a BIG impression.

If you plan on splurging for new attire but are tired of being seen in the latest styles worn by everyone else, then try shopping at a local boutique. Boutiques tend to carry only a few pieces in each style so that women will not be compared to others in the same outfit. We were all born different -- why should we all look the same?

Tired of Christmas reds and burgundys? Go for green! Who wears green and gold? Or blue and silver? No one! Wear unexpected colors that fall within the winter holiday color wheel. Even white has been reborn during the holidays -- winter white has never been so accepted.

Let's not forget what the holidays are truly about. Nothing is more beautiful or remembered than your inner beauty shining through with a giving spirit, holiday hugs and seasonal smiles! Enjoy your family, your friends all while being fabulously fashionable! Happy holidays!