01/10/2012 05:53 pm ET Updated Mar 11, 2012

A Look Back on Season One: Dance Mom Christi

When I was initially approached about Dance Moms, I struggled with the decision whether or not to do the show. The competitive dance world requires a huge commitment, from both the dancer and the mom, if you want to be successful. So I wasn't sure what kind of pressure a TV show would add to that. But ultimately I thought, Who gets this kind of a chance? and decided I was going to jump in with both feet. It turns out it really was -- and is -- the experience of a lifetime.

At first I had a really hard time not knowing the direction or tone of the show and how Chloe and I would come across to an audience. I'm a control freak and I was giving the ultimate control to others. (Also, I quickly learned that filming a reality show is hard work and requires very long hours.) The cameras made everyone completely self-conscious, both us moms and the girls. Having a crew around you definitely brings out the intensity of situations.

I was also criticized about everything... from making the decision to do the show, to my parenting skills, to the kind of jelly I use on my sandwiches. At first, I read everything that was written and was really upset about what people were saying. But I had to remind myself of who I really am and be comfortable in my own skin. I just stay away from the Internet now. And while I watched each episode when they first aired, I haven't re-watched any except for the finale with Chloe's music video. That, the Black Swan duet, and Chloe's "Dream on a Star" solo were definitely my most memorable season one moments.

I don't think my relationship with Chloe is any different since the show. We have always been close and had a very open relationship. I still spend 10 minutes alone with her every night talking about her day. I think we are exactly the same. As far as my relationship with Abby? It was/is still strained. At best.

If there's one thing I would go back and change about last season it would have to be my jokes about drinking. It's just what I do, I'm very sarcastic. My joking, coupled with a few scenes of me and Kelly having a glass of wine, really created an uproar that I was a huge drinker. Not the case. I don't even have a bottle of wine in my home. But I do enjoy having a cocktail with friends, I'm a grown up. But I would definitely change that perception if I could. The most valuable lesson I took away from season one is that people either love you or hate you and you can't please everyone. So I think I am more honest this season. Can you imagine?

I'm anxiously awaiting Tuesday night -- Chloe, Clara, my husband, Marc, and I will most likely keep it low key and watch the season premiere home. I hold my breath the entire hour, so I like to be in the comfort of my sofa. As for what you can expect in season two? I don't want to give any spoilers, but I do think this season blows season one out of the water. It's bigger, badder and better. The dancing is better, Abby is badder and the moms are...wait, I don't want to say we are bigger. Our personalities are bigger. How's that?

Don't forget to tune in to season 2 of Dance Moms Tuesdays at 9 pm et/8c on Lifetime. See photos from season 2 now.

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