07/04/2012 06:54 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Tori Spelling's Addiction To Bleach Must Be Addressed (PHOTOS)

Dear Tori Spelling,

I have to admit that your loveable-but-clueless character on "Beverly Hills, 90210" wasn't my favorite; I was a die-hard Kelly Taylor fan (oh, the things I would have done for a red Beemer). But your tenacity on the whole virginity thing, along with your quirky one-liners and sweet nature had me coming back for more Donna Martin.

Since then, you've totally won me over. I watch "Tori & Dean" regularly, and have read all of your books. The obvious love for your kids and husband is inspiring, and you've got mad crafting skills. Your master bedroom was the genesis for remodeling my house; your modern-day glamour approach to interior design was my guide.

That said, your fashion needs some help. We think you look best when you've just woken up in the morning: glasses, tousled hair and no makeup.

You're gorgeous, why mask it with bleached blonde hair and heavy lipstick? I can't imagine the toll that it's taken on your tresses over the years, not to mention the maintenance and upkeep. It seems so unnatural with your brown eyes and warm skin tone that the look is startling in contrast. We'd love to see you with your natural hair color, or even just a dirtier shade of blonde -- it would complement your skin tone and match your eyebrows. When it comes to styling, again, we prefer au naturale: Wavy wins over stick-straight any day.

The heavy red lipstick is pretty for a night out, but we'd love to see you go light on the eyes in that case. Actually, your smile is so lovely, how about just a nice lipgloss to keep it fresh?

Now let's discuss the clothes. We know you're an avid shopper: Your closet is impressive. We see you in a lot of maxi dresses (we get it, you're kinda always preggo) and one-shouldered frocks. Go easy on the prints, they skew cartoonish on the red carpet. Our favorite pictures of you are when you're wearing simple, streamlined looks that show off your fantastic figure. No need for pouffy sleeves, oversized florals and bad prom dresses (we all saw how well you did at prom, so let's leave that behind, shall we?).

You are a kick-ass mom, an inspiring entrepreneur and your relationship with your man is to be envied. So let's up the style ante a bit, OK?

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