08/21/2013 11:26 pm ET Updated Oct 21, 2013

One Cold You Want to Get: Five Ways to Catch the Travel Bug This Fall

With the summer winding down, it's easy to fall into those dog days of August blues. But with the crisp fall weather coming, there's a lot to look forward to. Fall can be a great time to travel if you didn't get a chance to do so in the summer. Here are a few tips to catching that elusive travel bug this season.
  1. Be Adventurous: One of the best ways to catch the travel bug is by doing things outside your comfort zone. If you always go on vacation in the same place every year, chances are after awhile, you'll get bored of it. Keep it fresh by traveling to places you might not necessarily think of.
  2. Be Spontaneous: A great thing about traveling in the fall is that a lot of places are technically "off-season" but the weather is just as nice as the summer (if not nicer in some very hot tropical locations). This gives you the option to do an "on a whim" trip at the last minute. Don't forget that some of the best laid plans aren't actually laid out at all.
  3. Be Goal Oriented: What do you expect to get out of your vacation? Are you looking to climb the highest peak in Asia? Are you trying to not look at your cell phone once while away? Whatever your goals may be, big or small, try your best to achieve them. Once you get back to reality, remembering the goals you accomplish will only leave you wanting more for your next trip.
  4. Be Carefree: Sometimes, the best way to discover a new place is by simply wandering. While schedules are great on vacation, make sure you leave one day completely free to explore. Ask the locals what's going on, hang out in dive bars and shop in straw markets. The best days and the best stories usually come when you least expect it.
  5. Be Bold: In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take. It's important to remember that when traveling. When in a foreign country, try your best to say yes to every new experience. For some, that might be as simple as trying a new food, for others, that might mean bungee jumping off the Macau Tower. There are few times when you'll regret saying yes to something new. And if you do regret it, you'll have a great story to tell when you get back home and begin planning your next trip.