11/14/2012 05:55 pm ET Updated Jan 14, 2013

Outgrow to Grow

If you ask for it, believe in it and live as if it's already happening, the universe will respond. No doubt. As I reflect on 2012 and its many blessings and celebrate another anniversary of complete and total adult independence, I look back at the requests I made, the abundance I received and how I outgrew all of it.

I asked, I took and then just like that I was done with it. Sounds a bit selfish, huh? Well, it's not. It's the only way of knowing whether or not you've grown personally and spiritually. If you believe in the saying "I came, I saw and I conquered," that's exactly what I have done. You shouldn't be afraid to do the same. Believe it or not, it's selfish not to.

I have been fortunate to have received so many opportunities to grow as a person, expand my business and position myself as someone who knows a little about a lot. It feels good. Many people have entered my life and have served as a vehicle for the universe to provide me with abundance. It's wasn't the person who sought me out to provide it -- I asked for it. They were the right vehicle and the right time. And they too were looking for an outlet to share.

I've taken all that I could from those opportunities only to pass them on to those coming through the ranks behind me. I outgrew what was being given to me, and now I am growing into something new. Again, it feels good.

People who find themselves in a rut are there because they've outgrown what they came to conquer. It's time to let go. You've taken all that you can and now it's time to pass it or them onto something or someone new. Whether it's a job, a relationship, a home or a car... whatever it may be, if it no longer feels right, it's because it doesn't fit anymore. And, if you think you can't let go and move on for fear that there isn't anything new waiting for you, trust that there is. Ask for it. Believe in it. Live as if you have it. It will feel good.

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