10/12/2012 06:21 pm ET Updated Dec 12, 2012

3 Gifts for Women in Their 20's

Women in their forties today are part of the first wave of women to grow up with more choices. We have seen the consequences of delaying marriage, foregoing childbirth or following an unexpected career path in large numbers. And while we all have made different decisions, what we all have in common by the time we hit our forties is the comfort of finally making decisions that are right for us. On 40:20 Vision, I share a variety of different perspectives to help people decide what feels right for them. I ask every woman I interview what three gifts they would give a 20-something to get through their twenties with more confidence in their own decisions.

I am now sharing these gifts here. Today's three gifts are from a 40-something woman from NYC.

#1 - Don't wait for fate to tell you the right answer.

Make mistakes and find your lucky breaks... and you will find your own direction.

I love the saying "luck is where preparation meets opportunity". I'd put the emphasis on the preparation. When you are skilled and can see opportunities... I think luck will find you.

#2 - Risks. Take them.

Risks are just decisions. There will always be another.

#3 - Trust.

There's nothing sexier than trust in a relationship. It seems counterintuitive... but trust gives you freedom to be independent and bring that excitement back to the relationship. It's what turns passion from being a spark that dies into something that can last a lifetime if you want it. Take care of it.

This post was originally posted at 40:20 Vision.