09/25/2013 04:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to (and Not to) Make a Celebrity Style Photo-Face

A photographer friend of ours, Cavan Clark, gave us some tips on how to make a perfect pout.  Saying "prune" instead of "cheese" is a instant photo-face trick of models and celebrities. Think the Olsen twins' famous pouts.  Just silently blowing the word prune makes for a perfect pouty- lipped glamour shot.  You have to be careful with this little trick though, because if you actually say the word prune out loud, you end up looking like you had an unfortunate visit to the dentist, leaving you with a large, floppy, out of control looking upper lip.  Like I look in the above "prune gone wrong" picture (I'm on the right).  Melanie, on my left, got it a little better, and Madison did a perfect one in the prune done right photo as we practiced with this tip. More pruning pictures here.

Obviously, it doesn't work for everyone, or at least it doesn't work for me.  But don't worry if pruning isn't your thing, the other trick is to look surprised and happy, like you just saw your best friend that you haven't seen in years. Think Jennifer Aniston's always gleeful smile.  I did just that in this picture below.

So, next time you are mugging for a facebook/instagram/selfie shot, try these out.  Which works for you?